God, I Don't Know What The Future Holds But I'm Counting On You

God, I Don’t Know What The Future Holds But I’m Counting On You

I have no idea what your future plans for me are about. I haven't the slightest clue how the next few months ahead of me will be like. All I can do is hope that you will give me the courage and the perseverance to handle whatever comes my way.

I can't tell if you will hear my prayers, or even if you will put me through something else I don't expect.

I don't know if the next thing you do will be giving me another trying test or breaking me.


All through, I have been using my best effort to handle everything as well as I could, and as wisely as I know how. I have been trying to figure everything out, to see the broader vision and follow your lead based on signs from you. But all I am is tired.

My mind, my heart and my soul are exhausted.

The redundant patterns wear me out. Learning the same lessons again and again tires me. Going through the same rollercoaster ride exhausts me.


Right now, what the future has in store for me is a mystery to me. What I know for sure is that I could use some changes to my life. I want peace and stability.

But because of you, I am confident that whatever comes my way, I will be okay. I know that regardless of what happens, I can put my hope in you and that you will come through for me, guiding me through the difficult times as you have always done. This time, however, I am hoping for a miracle, because the weight of my burdens has become too much for me to bear.


My trust is still in you, but this time I hope upon your providence. I hope upon your mercy. I hope upon your magnificent blessings. Show me your forgiveness.

I have no idea what my own future holds, but with you in it, I am sure it will be full of hope and promise and beyond anything I could ever expect.

Pay regard to the prayers I made to you. My lofty dreams and wishes. Let them come true and make my life a mysterious miracle to be marveled at.


Nobody can understand your ways, but my hope is that you can see what I can see. That you can see my life changing in a large way so that my dreams and wishes are within reach. Take away my pain from me.

All my hopes for the future are in you, even though I don't have the slightest idea what the future holds. Nobody puts their trust in you and walks away empty-handed.

I am not aware of how some things will turn out to be in the end, but all I can hope upon is that your perfect timing will match my own this time around. May you answer my prayers and put me under the watchful eyes of your angels.


There is nothing I can do about my future, it will unfold as you wish it to. Only you have the might to make everything into what you want it to be. Is anything too big for you? No, everything is possible for you.