God, A Miracle Wouldn't Go Amiss Right Now

God, A Miracle Wouldn’t Go Amiss Right Now

It's quite important to retain perspective at all points. To know that for whatever ups and downs you may be going through, there is a plan. Amongst all this suffering, order.

It may not seem that way. And it's not important that we can understand it.

After all, how can we?

But sometimes we have weeks that just hit us like a ton of bricks and there are no two ways about it. We suffer and sometimes we doubt. That's okay to admit.

One thing that's worth noting though, is the reality that the key to faith is, well… faith! We know that life is hard, no one is under any illusion about that. God, timing is everything and I trust you, but I could do with a sign.

I'm not blind enough to ignore that, but it's not unreasonable to want answers sometimes. We can only ask so many questions. Sometimes, miracles are necessary to restore order.

We know that the breakdown often precedes the breakthrough, but God, please give us a sign. A sign that it's all going to be okay. That the trauma we're carrying around with us is for a higher purpose.

But even though we know this in our hearts, our minds are struggling with the burden a lot of the time. It's not weak or close-minded of us to want to know what our future holds.

But on the other hand, the idea of a miracle coming to rescue and deliver us from the day-to-day endurances that we must power through.

That's not something easily dismissed or forgotten.

Being aware of miracles and the decisions that God makes is something that we also have to let go of. A lot of the time we can't let things become bigger than it is. Certainly not bigger than us. Nothing we come face to face with is bigger than we are equipped to deal with.

Why am I so sure? Because God is good and kind and knows us better than we know ourselves. With God, we can always have faith that everything happens for a reason. We cannot hold ourselves responsible for everything that happens in this world, because we aren't in control.

We willingly hand ourselves over to God, read the bible, enjoy the scriptures and live a good Christian life. Everyone hopes and prays for a miracle, but as long as we find solace in prayer and consolation in the eternal life of Heaven, what else do we need to anchor ourselves to God?

Keeping patient and sticking to your guns is essential in times of struggle.

Some things are only possible through God. by appreciating his timing and trusting him. the world and God are bigger than us, of course, they are.

But they ensure that we don't go through this world alone. You can take your life into your own hands at the time as remaining faithful and respectful to God's plan and timing for us all.

Feel free to make your plans and put your positivity out into the world. Do so knowing that you're doing it for the simple beauty of doing it. That well-known phrase, 'if you want to make God laugh, make a plan' rings true here, though.

The caveat of warning in such a moment is that it's important to keep perspective. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to reach beyond what is possible. Also, when it feels like everything is going wrong, know that timing is everything, just hang on. God has a plan.

For all of us.

To heal, to live, to thrive. To apologise for moments of crisis.

Do all you can at your end to heal your broken heart, but know that when the time is right you will move on. You can't rush feelings. You will come to learn what God already knows. You are strong and capable of change.

Cry your tears. Have your down days. But know that it will come good. In the kingdom of heaven, you will transcend the worries that consume you now.