Everyone loves a good old-fashioned rom-com moment to remind us why we love ourselves and our friends, but one thing it’s really helpful for is proving that you are in love!

Basically, if you’re watching the backlog of Colin Firth’s best early noughties wholesome period dramas and spending the whole time thinking about your guy back home rather than his dreamy eyes, you’re in. There’s no turning back, trust me. 

Here are four other ways to prove that your heart doesn’t need more time to double check, you already know you’re in love. Love that journey for you!

1 – Everything becomes a way to make them happy.

It’s not even a chore anymore, either, you just wake up and approach each day as a new opportunity to make your special someone smile and happy to exist. With other people you might feel a bit of a drag getting them flowers from the gas station on your way home for the anniversary, or remembering to wish them luck for their work meeting, but not anymore. Simply put, you get so much satisfaction and emotional fulfilment from supporting them and helping your other half realise their best selves that it’s all the help you need.

It’s also easier than it’s ever been to be compassionate, because you know them so well. You know that she loves fudge for the first day of her period, and you know that he likes backrubs when his sports team has a bad day and you both know the other person would drop everything in a pinch to help the other out.

2 – You are the one person that they would run through the airport for.

Do you remember that Fleabag scene where the sisters agreed that everyone needs that one person? Well it’s the perfect analogy – you are each other’s number one priority. There’s no two ways about it. You have patience with each other and learn each other’s limits and personal boundaries, so you know just how far to tease them, and you know exactly how to help them when things are going wrong. After all, just because you’re in love doesn’t mean that you don’t argue or disagree, it just means that you can compromise and know what the important things are. When it comes down to it, you would run through the airport for them. In fact, you’d probably fly the plane, if they asked you to.

3 – You want to commit to them forever and it’s not scary.

If you asked any of your friends a few years ago who they biggest commitment-phobe around was, no doubt they would have all pointed to you and laughed. Oh how the tables have turned with the right partner. Now, not only are you welcoming your future with this person, but you’re actively communicating and planning for it. Research apartments in Seattle and googling baby names on the side? Who are you?!

4 – You can be vulnerable with each other more than anyone else.

Not only is this person the first person you call with good or bad news, but you can also talk about your feelings, not just the events in your life, because they genuinely care. It’s a well-known fact that you can be stuck in a bunker with your favourite person and not run out of things to talk about for days. Actual days. It’s a testament to the strength of your relationship and the core foundations of your connection and interests. Equally, it shows that you’re also comfortable in silence, and don’t need to perform your relationship for other people.

It simply is what it is, love.