Give Your Eyes The Ultimate Relief- Blue Light Transition Glasses

give your eyes the ultimate relief- blue light transition glasses

With the advancement in technology today, coupled with the pandemic and its aftermath, many activities have shifted to the online space. This means that most people now work from home using their smartphones, tablets, and computers. While more people also have time to watch movies and play games. Overall, the screen time of an average person has increased drastically. The more the screen time, the more the exposure of the eyes to blue light. The more the exposure of the eyes to blue light, the more the harm caused to the eye, thus the need for blue light transition glasses to offer you the ultimate relief.

This is not an advocacy to reduce screen time. The facts are clear; you might be one of those who now have to work from home, having to join zoom meetings, and ultimately stay before your screen for long hours. Transition glasses are made especially for you. Perhaps, you are not in that category, but you have to drive for hours on sunny days. You still need blue light transition glasses to reduce the sun glare. The goal is to protect your eye and grant you relief from the harmful effects of blue lights and UV radiation.

What is blue light? It is one of the colors of the visible light spectrum. It is said to have a shorter wavelength and higher energy level than the other colors (i.e., Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, and Violet- all being components of the light seen when the sun shines). Certain research has linked eye damage to the short wavelengths of blue light being between 415 and 455 nanometers. And the light produced by the LEDs used in computers, TVs, tablets, and smartphones has wavelengths between 400 and 490 nanometers. This means these devices produce blue light that can damage the eye in the long run if care is not taken.

Personal Care For Your Eye Using Transition Glasses

The eyes are perhaps one of the most important parts of the body. This is why everyone must pamper their eyes. You must give consistent attention to the eye. One way to do this is to ensure to take treatments promptly.

However, you may think that a sight problem is not a killer, but you should know that it is a condition that can be avoided if it isn't hereditary. However, the choice is still yours to make. Many people either choose to take a bold step to seek help while others timidly stay indifferent till their sight is damaged.

Personal eye care is vital today, as it would save you the avoidable cost incurred by health insurance when you have to visit the hospital due to an illness. To take care of your eyes, blue light transition glasses are effective for this purpose.

Interestingly, blue light is not all that bad. There are pros as well as cons to it. The cons would, however, outweigh the pros in the condition of prolonged exposure of the eye to the light. What transition glasses do is help you magnify the pros of blue light and avoid the cons.

For the pros, blue light is essential in regulating the circadian rhythm, that is the wakefulness and sleep cycle. It also boosts alertness and enhances cognitive functions. In the case where you are constantly exposed to it, the cons are not good at all, as they affect your health drastically, hence, your need for Photochromic Blue light transition glasses.

Why Should You Use Blue Light Transition Glasses?

You need these transition glasses because Blue light has an array of side effects and this makes it a harmful light source (in prolonged exposure), especially to the eye. This light does not only cause eye strain. It also causes blurry vision. In fact, long exposure to blue lights has been a reason behind certain disrupted sleep cycles and patterns.

Again, a major source of blue light is the screen of most gadgets today, i.e., phones, computers, etc. thus, making use of these gadgets for a long period would imply prolonged exposure of the eyes to blue lights.

These are a few other side effects of blue light:

Digital eye strain

Macular degeneration




Restless sleep

To this end, blue light transition glasses have come to the rescue, thereby encouraging you to spend as long as you want in front of your screens without fear of side effects. The choice to purchase and to wear transition glasses would not only afford you convenience but also gives premium care to your eyes.

Benefits Of Blue Light Transition Glasses

Protecting your eyes from blue light is a holistic approach to safeguarding your eye and yourself from the various side effects accrued to prolonged exposure to blue light. Today, photochromic glasses are readily available as blue light transition glasses for your eye care and aesthetic value. Wearing transition glasses is not just a way to pamper your eye. It is a way to look fashionable and attractive to others.

These glasses afford you the opportunity to drive on a sunny day without sun glare, use your computer for long hours without headache or the dryness of your eyes. The benefits are numerous, making it a cost-effective choice to use one.

In addition, you'll need transition glasses because natural blockers of blue light are not as effective as transition glasses. Blue light is also everywhere, either indoor or outdoor. This is why it is not a matter of being an introvert or extrovert. Everyone is exposed to blue lights. The degree only varies.

Blue Light Transition Glasses For Sale

Everyone needs blue light transition glasses, and they are available for sale by reputable sources online, like Ortorex. However, at the point of choice, consider your preference, i.e., if it is for:

Indoor usage (blue light from phone, TV, or computer screen)

Outdoor usage (100% UV protection from the sun)

Both indoor and outdoor usage

These glasses would definitely enhance your productivity.

From Which Site Did I Purchase Photochromic Glasses

Transition glasses come in various degrees and usefulness. You should be careful to select the type of lens that would suit your preference. Blue light transition glasses would filter between 20%-35% of blue light indoors and 85%-95% blue light outdoors. This is why you should buy from Ortorex because they would present to you the best transition glasses available in the market.

Photochromic blue light blocking transition glasses are needed today by those constantly exposed to blue light if they desire to give the ultimate care to their eye when they still can. Just like the popular mantra, prevention is better than cure. In this case, this saying holds, and a twist to it is that prevention is also cheaper than cure.

If a Pair of blue light transition glasses can prevent you from having cataracts (caused by long-term exposure to blue light), then you should grab one today or pay heavily later for surgery. In this era of digitization, as low as $30 can get you a pair of photochromic multifunctional glasses to safeguard you. This is perhaps the best deal you would get in a time like this, and it is for those who would act fast!