Give It Time, Everything Meant To Be Yours Will Come To You At The Right Time

Give It Time, Everything Meant To Be Yours Will Come To You At The Right Time

Know this: Everything that's meant for you will come to you, and at the right time. You just have to be patient and understand that some things take time.

Yes, along the way, there will be challenges that make you feel like it might not happen.

But understand one thing-it's all part of the plan, a grand plan we are all part of.

Sure, you will cry, feel heartbroken and discouraged, but in the end, no one will take away what's yours. The pain you experience in between will not keep you from reaching your goal in this life.


There Is Only One Thing You Need To Do: Be Strong And Courageous

During difficult times, stay strong. In the end, your perseverance will be rewarded deeply.

Most people cannot realize that every setback and obstacle along the way is just another step closer to their ultimate goal. Don't be like them.


Everything Happens For A Purpose

Yes, I know you have heard this countless times. But it's worth repeating as many times as necessary.

Many people forget that there is a time for everything.

You might not see how your suffering will lead you to your purpose, but the master of all things, God, sees and knows everything. Just trust in Him.


Understand that that challenge will not overcome you.

What it will do instead is fill your heart with courage, longing, and the wisdom to handle the miracle that awaits you at the end of your trial.

One day, you will look back and see that everything you went through got you closer to your intended goal.

Today, Let Go Of The Obsession To Expect Instant Results

Learn to work with God's schedule and trust that you will get everything that is meant for you in the fullness of time.


God will never let what's yours end up in someone else's hands. It does not matter if the whole world conspires against you: God's destiny, for you will always prevail.

All you need is to remain patient and understand that what's yours is yours, no matter what tries to get in the way.

So, keep working hard, keep hoping, keep trusting in God, and you will get to your miracle. See every challenge as a lesson, and you will earn to embrace obstacles and see them as stepping stones towards your ultimate achievements in life.


No matter what happens, what is yours will find its way to you. Guaranteed.