Girls With Big Boobs Want You To Know That The Struggle Is Real

Girls With Big Boobs Want You To Know That The Struggle Is Real

Living with large breasts is hard. Yet, despite all the challenges that surround our D-cups, most men are all over the girls with big boobs. Why is that?

Why Guys Like Girls With Big Boobs

It's no secret that the male population is roughly divided into two camps: boobs and butt. Today we will leave the ones who agree with Sir Mix-a-Lot alone and focus on the gentlemen that admire the area just below our faces.


So, why do men like girls with big boobs?

Technically, there is no one single answer. There are many aspects to this seemingly simple preference. Trust me, most guys won't even be able to explain it.

To get a full picture we can separate three main components of large breasts lover's logic. They include visual stimulation, ancestry, and social perception.

Girls With Big Boobs Are Nice To Look At

I'll admit that even us, ladies, get an occasional drool over a pair of large breasts. There is just something about them.


Many men will argue that it's the shape and the volume that gets their blood running extra fast. Others say it's the fact that girls with big boobs always look good no matter what they are wearing (or not wearing).

It's just pretty, ok?

Well, yes it is. But this doesn't mean that ladies with B-cup bras do not have a chance of being attractive, does it?

The thing is, you can't really judge someone's attractiveness based on the mere bra size. There is so much more to beauty and sometimes it goes far beyond physical factors.


Plus, once you know how much struggle girls with big boobs go through, your attraction can shift into pure admiration. But more on that later.

Large Breasts Throughout History

Nature trained chameleons to blend in with their environment to avoid predators. And it also trained human males to think that a woman with big breasts is healthier.


Sure, there is some truth behind this logic. Breast size largely depends on the amount of fat. Fat comes from a balanced diet and somewhat reasonable health.

So back in the day when people did not rely on Instagram influencers to help them tell good from the bad — they just judged by looks. 'Fat people are rich and healthy people,' they thought.

Plus, historically men have mistakenly believed that women with large breasts are capable of raising healthier children. So, when you are checking out girls with big boobs on Tinder, your brain is basically thinking of having babies with them. Not what you thought, huh?


The same logic stands behind admiration of wide hips and with them, big butts. Women with wider hips were assumed, once again mistakenly, to give birth easier.

Needless to say, science and society have developed a lot since then. We accept humans in all shapes and sizes, but we don't draw direct parallels from someone's weight to their health and capability to motherhood.

This means that we shouldn't let our brains trick us into picking love partners judged on their curves. We should find connections through other channels.


Social Pressure To Like Girls With Big Boobs

A bit of a shocker: some men fake liking girls big boobs. We won't dig too deep into why they would rather pretend than be themselves.

Instead, let's look into several things that make both boys and girls obsess over large breasts.

Pop culture magazines, movies, music videos, and even a yogurt commercial tend to build around the same principle: sex sells. And a lot of visual inspiration for this logic comes from porn.


Old school movies for grown-ups were made with primitive technologies. This meant that performers had to physically stand out: bigger body parts, flashier makeup, and so on.

This led to a whole cultural wave of both males and females believing that girls with big boobs are sexier and generally more attractive than all the others.

The problem here is unrealistic body expectations in young girls and unhealthy developmental patterns in both genders.


Visual stimulation, historical reasons and social influence all interfere with each other and result in the general idea of large breasts being the dream for many men.

But what do girls with big boobs think about that?

DD Is For Double Disaster While Clothes Shopping

This is coming from someone who was 'blessed' with double D-cups herself: life ain't a piece of the pie.


Girls with big boobs will all agree that there are some things about the gals that make a living a real challenge. But how exactly?

Well, first of all, it's the clothing problem. My personal enemy is dress shirts that I had to wear to most of my jobs. The middle button will barely hold the weight unless the shirt itself is triple your actual size.

As for the bras, it seems like the world is against covering large breasts with anything decent. B-cups browse through a selection of lacy goodness while we deal with a dreadful combo of heavy-duty straps and wires that are strong enough to toll a truck.


But luckily, so many brands nowadays are aware of plus-size women and girls with big boobs in particular. There is still a long way to go, but at least there is some variety.

The Logistics Of Large Breasts

Then there's the matter of organization: where do you put them? Stomach sleeping, for example, becomes anything from a challenging quest to a mission impossible.


And don't even get me started on working out.

Right now, get up and do a few jumps. Here you go. Did you have to hold your boobs while doing this very simple exercise?

If your answer is yes, I feel your pain girl.

The only sensible solution to comfortably working out with large breasts is to find a sports bra that will hold them under control. It might be slightly hard to breathe, but hey, who said it'll be easy?


The Sad Tale Of Girls With Big Boobs

Boob sweat is real and it's very much like having an extra set of armpits on a hot summer day. You sit down to have lunch and get back up with two adorable wet smiley faces under your boobs. Charming, isn't it?

Girls with big boobs will often admit to using their deodorant underneath each breast. Or picking extra dark clothes to hide the fact that their bodies are only human.


Last but not least, there is one other foe of large breast carriers and that is gravity.

The life of a girl with big boobs is basically a journey of watching them grow into medium-sized watermelons and then slowly but surely aim towards the ground.

All boobs sag eventually, but large breasts do it way faster and definitely more noticeably. So to avoid nipples saying hi to the belly button, the bra straps get tighter and the savings account turns into the 'boob job fund'.


These all seem funny, and admittedly they kind of are. But there is also a darker side for girls with big boobs that comes in form of health problems.

Large Breasts Health Problems

Most of the large breasts related health problems come down to the extra weight girls with large boobs have to carry. This leads to pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, and sometimes even the most powerful bra cannot help.


Girls with big boobs can also suffer from bad posture, shortness of breath, and headaches due to their breast size. Sometimes it gets diagnosed at the right time, but in a lot of cases, the real reason gets overlooked.

Additionally, oversized breasts can cause several mental health issues, such as being ashamed of your body or projecting unrealistic expectations of it.

Boobs of all sizes need love and attention, but the big ones just need a bit more. Care for them and make sure to get medical help whenever you feel that the breast size is affecting your health.


Before we wrap up, there are just some things that girls with big boobs want you to know. Need you to know, in fact.

Girls With Big Boobs Want You To Know This

Based on what you've read so far, you know that large breasts are far less fun than they might seem. Yes, of course, a lot about having them big is nice, but there are some major downs.


If your friend or your love partner has large breasts, they want you to remember about other parts of their body first.

When she's asking 'What do you like in me?', she's not looking for the 'Boobs, duh!' answer. Compliment any other body part or take a completely different route and talk about her personality.

Also, just because they are big, it doesn't mean that they bring the most sexual pleasure. In reality, a lot of girls with big boobs are less sensitive in the chest area than ladies with smaller cup sizes.


So don't completely ignore the gals in bed, but do make sure to pay enough attention to other areas. You will be generously rewarded for the spread of your focus.

Bonus tip: squeezing them as they do in porn does not feel good for everyone. Ask before you squeeze, I guess.

Girls with big boobs might treat their possession with pride or with the sense of a burden. Whatever is the case, get on the same page and respect their body just as much as you respect your own.


And for the love of the universe, do not try to shop for lingerie without her. You will not get it right, I can almost guarantee that.

My Eyes Are Up Here

Large breasts are not the end of the world. But they do cause both mental and physical discomfort for many.

Unlearn the toxic habit of linking body size and shape to health and enter the world where all boobs matter.


Treat girls with big boobs just like any other girl. We all are beautiful and special, no matter what the tag on the bra says.