Girls Boobs Guide: Get To Know Your Breasts And Be Nice To Them

Girls Boobs Guide: Get To Know Your Breasts And Be Nice To Them

Girls' boobs are arguably the most noticeable feature of a female body. Yet, we know very little about our special curves. Here you will find everything you need to know about your breasts to make sure you treat them the way they deserve.

Fascinating Anatomy Of Girls Boobs

How much do you know about your boobs? If you asked me two days before writing this, I'd say something along the lines of: "Well, they're D cups, and they are annoying sometimes."


While both of these statements are true, it's hardly the full story. Girls' boobs are magnificent: from making any low-cut dress look extra spicy to nurturing a human being. That's why we should learn to understand and help our curvy girlfriends by taking proper care of them.

Let's start with the basics: what are your breasts made of?

Every breast is a complex mechanism. Each boob consists of glandular tissue (aka the thingy that produces breast milk) and some fat. Underneath are chest muscles, which can play a certain role in the way our breasts look.


Girls' boobs go through a long and eventful journey throughout their lifetime. Their development would normally start between the ages of eight to thirteen and wrap up by approximately eighteen.

During the growth stage and then through every new set of your body experiences, your boobs might change in shape, size, and density. Knowing what they should feel and look like is crucial for maintaining breast health.


What Size Are Your Breasts?

We have already opened a conversation here about boob sizes because it is a genuine concern for many ladies out there. You know by now, that it is cool when they are big and equally great when they are small.

Of course, every size comes with its own ups and downs. Basically, like any other human feature from hair type to height.


Addressing personal discomfort about your breasts is important. Because by clearly observing what bothers you and learning to accept your body, you can pay more attention to both boob health and comfort.

Here is something you didn't know: it is impossible to make girls' boobs bigger. Every available enhancement procedure is designed to make the gals look and feel bigger. But essentially they'll stay the same.


How does this work? Breast implants, injections, workouts, and so on, don't go directly inside the breast's structure, but rather around it. Implants are mostly placed right under, and lifting exercises affect the muscles that have more to do with arms and shoulders than with the boobs. More on that later.

However, it is completely possible to reduce the size of your breasts. All the components we mentioned above: the glandular tissue, the fat, and the skin that covers it all, can be partially or completely removed.


This procedure can be necessary when oversized boobs make their carrier uncomfortable, whenever there is a health threat, or during a gender confirmation. If for whatever reason you are considering undergoing a breast reduction, always make sure to get a medical opinion from several specialists.

And a shared lesson on boob size here is that specific letters on a bra tag do not define personality, just like the color of someone's eyes. So, our job is to treat each other and each other's breasts with support and respect.


Now that the sizing is out of the way, what about shape? Here the world of girls' boobs is even more diverse and widespread.

Different Shapes Of Girls' Boobs

Almost a decade ago I came across a magazine that had an article describing boob shapes. There were about six or seven categories, which seemed like a lot to a kid that simply thought that breasts are "round".


However, neither six nor seven or even twenty-seven is correct. Because just like our downstairs girlfriend, the vulva, boobs are free to come in literally any shape, and there is not much need to categorize them.

It can still be helpful to get to know the shape of your breasts, however. Mainly so you can love and appreciate them, but also to help you choose clothes correctly.

What I'll ask you to do next is NSFW, so ensure you are in a somewhat private and comfortable space. Take your hands and place them on your boobs. Get a good feel of how they are shaped.


Then take a moment to fully accept and thank your breasts for battling through life with you. Note, there is a very big chance that their shape will keep on evolving, and your job is to constantly accept them just as they are.

Motherhood, weight loss, aging, and many other factors might reflect in the girl's boobs structure. Just like with the size, the shape doesn't say much about you unless you want it to.


Additionally, you can slightly adjust the lifting capacity of your chest and back muscles. Some exercises, such as push-ups and planks, can help preserve the original shape longer as well as take some load off.

Especially with the big boobs, which can quite literally be a lot to carry, strengthening your back and arms can go a very long way. So, next time you plan your exercise, dedicate ten minutes to helping your breasts become lighter and happier.


The Story Of The Nipple

The most controversial part of breasts, the real jewel in the crown of all girls' boobs: the nipple. We can't show it on social media, but we also can't ignore it.

Your nipples, just like your breasts, have a unique look. The skin around the nipple, called the areola, can differ in color, texture, and size.


Another aspect that differs from one nipple to another is sensitivity. Some women simply can't orgasm unless the pointy part of their boob is stimulated, others don't feel anything at all, and for many, the sensation is straight down unpleasant and irritating.

So, in case you've been wondering why your nipples don't feel as you thought they should: worry not. The ability of the little round button to experience pleasure does not have any connection with your health.


With that said, if you encounter an unpleasant feeling that never occurred before, make sure to consult a doctor. While it is absolutely okay for nipples to get a little less or more sore around the menstrual cycle, overwhelming pain in that area might be a sign of a bigger problem.

As for nipple piercing: start by doing some research. Yes, it's cute, sexy, and stylish, but you still need to approach the matter seriously.


Find a reputable specialist who works in a clean space and ask them about all the precautions you would want to be aware of. Keep in mind that since the levels of nipple sensitivity vary from one person to another, the pain levels do as well.

Overall, the more research you do about your breasts, the better you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way. Because, unfortunately, there are a lot of threats to girls' boobs out there.


Keep Your Breasts Healthy

A girl's boobs can be affected by a big range of conditions. And it should be your primary task to constantly check the well-being of your gals.

The simplest thing you can do is carefully feel through each breast every once in a while and pay attention to any changes. What you are looking for, and hopefully won't find, are any sort of lumps, skin discolorations, or nipple discharge.


A new mole in the breast region can also be interpreted as a red flag. Getting it checked as soon as possible is best to avoid unwanted consequences.

Breast cancer is one of the biggest enemies of women's health in general and girls' boobs in particular. Sadly, every eight women will face it in their lifetime.

Taking preventive measures and scheduling timely check-ups can both give you peace of mind and catch the C-monster at an early stage. Because the smaller the stage of cancer development, the higher the chances for it to be cured completely.


Another aspect of a girl's boob health is perhaps the biggest struggle for all women in the world. And the name for it is the bra.

Girls Boobs And Their Bras Sizes

Did you know that nearly 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? I was one of them until one extra attentive lady from a store with black and pink walls took out a measuring tape and set me straight.


Girls boobs everywhere are suffering from being forced into unfitting lace cages for several reasons. From being shy during your very first try on, to cultural restrictions and stereotypes.

Choosing the wrong bra for your breasts can lead to a whole set of issues. Your boobs might get crumpled up in limited space or sag due to insufficient support.

Additionally, the right bra is a big helper for your back. The better bra you choose, the less tired you are going to feel by the end of the day.


So, how do you choose a bra that helps and not fights against you? First, you will need to take down some measurements.

Use a flexible measuring tape to record the length directly under your breasts, around the rib cage, and then the length around the fullest parts of your boobs. The first number in inches is translated into band size (for example, anywhere around 29 inches will make up the 34th size) and the second number is your cup size.


Use the bra size table to help you make sure. And keep in mind that girls' boobs have a tendency to change sizes throughout life, so you will most likely need to do this procedure at least a few times as years go by.

Bra That Fits Me Right

Aside from what it says on the tag, a bra has to also feel comfortable on your breasts. This will include no flaps hanging over the sides as well as no nip-slips.


If a girl's boobs seem to be jumping out of the bra, the cups are too small. According to the same logic, if there is a lot of space inside the cup — it's too big.

When you turn around, notice how the band of the bra crosses your back. If it seems to be pulling up: the band size is wrong. Ask your friend or a store assistant to get you one size bigger. Yes, even if you "have always been wearing 36".


The perfect bra is the one that you barely feel. Because it supports your gals in the best way possible.

And one more piece of advice: if you found that bra, try to buy a few pieces, so they'll last. Most lingerie companies constantly re-design their apparel to appeal to younger consumers. This partially includes the elimination of really comfortable "grandma" bras that always check off each category.


Of course, some bras can be pretty and sexy and worn for feeling pretty sometimes. But most of your underwear should be on the comfortable side. Because, as you hopefully know by now, your breasts deserve to be treated nicely.

Finally, give your girlfriends time to chill at the end of each day. Release them from the bra, no matter how comfortable it is, and slip into something light and natural, for example, a white cotton tee.


Going braless allows your skin to breathe and your boobs to practice supporting themselves. Make it a part of your routine, and trust me, it will very soon become your favorite part of the day.

Your Breast Interest

A girl's boobs are both magical and complicated. We, ladies, need to love them, respect them, and look after them with the most care. Try to get to know your breasts and accept them the way they are. They'll be grateful.