Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based On Their Zodiac Sign)

Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (based On Their Zodiac Sign)

Ever wondered where your girlfriend ranks when it comes to being good or bad? Chances are that you have never thought about it. However, did you know that your girl's attitude, character, and behavior have something to do with her zodiac sign?

Here are girlfriends ranked from worst to best based on their zodiac signs:

12. Virgo

If you are dating a Virgo then you probably have noticed how tidy and neat she is. She likes to have everything in order whether it's the wardrobe, work environment, house, office, or other things. Due to their perfectionist nature, many people, especially those not so keen on perfectionism or exceptional tidiness, may struggle to keep up. She also may have some insecurity issues, which may affect your relationship.

11. Scorpio

Scorpio girls may seem to have tough skin. They are independent, seem to have everything in order, and always want to be in charge. Due to this, they may seem a bit intimidating to men, but did you know that deep down they are very gentle and also honest? To date such a girl, you need to be patient and try to understand them deeply.

10. Aries

If you are "bossy," you love feeling in control and want things done your way, then you will have issues dealing with a girl whose star is Aries. Similar to you, they love having the last word and are domineering. The best match for such a girl is a person who's the complete opposite. Non-bossy, easy-going, and very patient.

9. Taurus

When talking about Taurus ladies, one thing that stands out is their independence, go-getter-spirit, and individual strength. They seem to know what they want in life and rarely seek assistance from a man. Many men, therefore, feel unwanted or neglected. If you are dating such a girl, you should exercise patience and avoid rushing things. Be ready to take the initiative or quickstep when it comes to texting or calling. However, don't expect her to respond immediately.

8. Cancer

If your girl loves showing emotions and doesn't mind getting deep into the relationship, then high chances are that her sign is Cancer. She opens up about everything and never shies away from asking for help. Additionally, they can be a bit too trusting, and this can easily affect their confidence. However, they are also known to exaggerate situations just to get your attention. With such a woman, you can have either the worst or the best. It all depends on how you handle her emotionally.

7. Leo

A Leo girl has a strong personality. She is very confident and will do the chasing when she needs to. She also doesn't mind being chased, but the pursuer needs to have a strong personality just like hers. Unfortunately, many seem to get the wrong men because men who are very confident seem to spread their wings all around. While they may make errors when choosing boyfriends, Leo women are generally not so bad.

6. Aquarius

An Aquarius woman loves freedom and expressing herself. She is independent, very energetic, and loves a hyperactive life. If you are a laidback person or an introvert, you may be unable to keep up with her high energy or demands. Other than their high energy and drive, they are very intelligent and very observant.

5. Gemini

Gemini women tend to embrace both light and darkness. How you accept their nature influences whether they will be amazing or bad. They love their bright nature but at the same time love men who are willing to accept their dark side too. This characteristic makes them trustworthy and loyal to the right person.

4. Capricorn

A Capricorn woman will give a lot to a relationship. They want it to work and will do anything just to achieve this. She is full of life, defensive, and loyal. To keep up with such a woman, you need to reciprocate, show her appreciation and affection. Also important is being there for her and being supportive.

3. Libra

Easy going, charming and pleasant is what can best describe a Libra. They like avoiding conflict but don't mind talking about it. They also don't like the super-fast life and initiating change too fast may rub them the wrong way. The traits make them appear a little slow when dealing with problems and many would rather avoid discussing problems. Nevertheless, their charismatic nature makes them quite sociable.

2. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius woman is not only sympathetic but also empathetic. She doesn't mind helping other people at her expense. In fact, many are known to be motivators, passionate and encouraging. They have good problem-solving skills, are patient, and handle things with care. This characteristic, however, may be a plus and a minus. They may forsake their personal needs for the sake of others.

1. Pisces

Pisces women make very good lovers and friends. They are very passionate, understanding, easygoing, and loyal. Nevertheless, they will only open up their hearts to a person they are sure is the right match. They are a bit shy and don't do the pursuing. For you to pursue them and win their heart, you may need to work extra hard as they always are very protective of their heart, feelings, and emotions. However, once they win your trust, you will have a very good girlfriend.