Girlfriends Ranked From Best To Worst Based On The Zodiac, I Wasn't Happy With My Position

Girlfriends Ranked From Best To Worst Based On The Zodiac, I Wasn’t Happy With My Position

Do me one favor; don't be mad. Actually, before we go any further, promise me that there will be no hard feelings. Deal? Great!

If it helps, I am not so thrilled about my position on this list either, but here we are. This is what's written on the stars, and who I am to argue?

So, cheer up, I am sure you are the perfect girlfriend. I am also certain that whatever zodiac sign your girl falls under; she is all you ever wanted.


But hey, it's still worth knowing what to expect, right?

You are perfect. You are unique. There is none like you. Period. But girls are enigmas within enigmas. Everybody knows that.

That's why it's worth understanding them from all possible angles. Maybe you can learn from her star sign something concerning her personality. Who knows?

So, here we go!

1. Sagittarius

I know you are busy celebrating but here's why you have become the envy of every other zodiac out there-you love hard. You are that one ray of sunshine your partner can always count on.


The depth of your concern and care is beyond compare, and your heart is the most beautiful thing about you. You have one flaw though; you are a little too hard on yourself. But never on others. So yea. Your top position on this list is well-earned, enjoy it!

2. Pisces

You have us fooled by looking shy and hesitant. But beneath the surface, you are a very dependable partner and a wiz at reading people's emotions. When deciding on someone's behalf, you are always head-on.


You are in tune with the surrounding vibes, and you are always sorry when you mess up. You never give thought to your ego or self-esteem. No wonder you rank so highly on this list. We are envious.

3. Capricorn

A Capricorn is something of a mixed bag, but still good enough to edge out over half a dozen other star signs to clinch the third position. You are a perfectionist, but the benevolent sort who likes to offer everything they have to those they love.


You can get combative, but can also be very defensive of your partner. You don't let your feelings come to the surface. Yes, you don't rush to love. That's a good thing because it means that when you love, it's for real.

4. Libra

You ooze kindness wherever you go. You never tire of making an effort to be happy and positive.

But when you hurt, it hurts deeply. If your girl is a Libra, you might get jealous though-she will be very charming and sweet towards others, which you might not like. When pissed off, she might say things she does not mean or will later regret.


5. Gemini

A Gemini's love for adventure is legendary. If you are a Gemini girl, you will love fun and outdoor adventure. But you can also be dark and negative, which probably cost you a few positions on this list. But you love hard and feel deeply, which earns you lots of points.

Also, you can hide your emotions very well. Oh yes, you also treasure loyalty and trust.


6. Aquarius

An Aquarius avoids relationships like a plague. You are probably shy and probably running low on self-love. So, you have a problem loving others.

7. Leo

Hopeless romantics you are, which should be working out well for you. Except that's not the case. Leos are also way too demanding, and not only that, your demands are over the top. You are also known for making wrong choices when picking partners.


8. Cancer

Your heart is perfect and beautiful. But your fatal flaw is a lack of trust in people. That makes being in a relationship with you especially difficult. Your indecisiveness does not help matters either.

9. Taurus

Sorry to say this, but being in a relationship with a Taurus is a never-ending chore. You are fiercely independent, and you never look back once you decide it's over. You rarely give your heart to anyone.


So, whoever wins your heart is truly special, although that might not be worth celebrating.

10. Aries

You tend to be all over the place. And you are also very intimidating, even to your partners. You like being in power but can hardly figure out how to wield it.

You can say very harsh things, and your personality makes you appear cold. Being in a relationship with an Aries will be one wild ride many people might not want to take again.


11. Virgo

Virgos are jealous and insecure, and they are harsh critics and irredeemable pessimists. As if that is not bad enough, you are a perfectionist who cannot stand it when she fails.

12. Scorpio

Sorry Scorpios, you conclude the list for us. Hopefully, you have the thick skin people need to survive being with you.

That's right. People see you as blunt, cold, and heartless, being around you is something people have to get used to. But no worries, countless Scorpios are perfect partners for many.


See! There are no winners or losers in the journey of love. Feeling better about myself already.