Girlfriend Tries Naked Challenge On Boyfriend Playing COD, He Responds In Ruthless Fashion

girlfriend tries naked challenge on boyfriend playing cod, he responds in ruthless fashion

Another popular TikTok challenge is making people uncomfortable but we like it. Although mature in nature, the Naked Challenge is funny and relatively innocent.

That is, until it goes wrong.

More than one woman has taken part in the challenge only for the joke to blow up in their faces. Of course, for the rest of us, it is still hilarious.

One such funny mishap came from a young lady who wanted to see how her man reacts upon seeing her naked while he plays his favorite game.


Failing The Challenge


this does not reflect who I am LOL i just thought this is too good😂 @imthatlauren #progamer

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Playing Call of Duty is serious business for most gamers. As such, they do not want to be distracted while spending time on the action game.

This means they don't even want to see their naked girlfriends who would otherwise be a welcome distraction.

The woman in this video thought her nude act would be so distracting that her boyfriend would forget about his game.

Unfortunately, she was wrong.


She walked into the room wearing nothing but a towel and decided it would be funny to show off her body.

The reaction she got was not what she wanted, we'll bet.

Her boyfriend did put down the console, but only to do something really surprising.

He got up and slapped her boobs, laughing as if it was the funniest thing ever. After that, his focus was back with the boys and the game.


Not The Only Fail


Reposting my most viral video.... I hope y’all didn’t forget .. #youhadallday #fypシ #tiktok #king #CloudBread #xyzbca

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The young lady in that video isn't the only one who failed at the Naked Challenge. A different video shows an unamused boyfriend's reaction.

He saw his girl in her towel and just knew what was coming.

Shaking his head, he told her 'I just had all day", meaning she could have pulled this act any other time.

He was not feeling the kind of vibe she was hoping.

This challenge is likely to cause some friction in many more relationships!