Girlfriend On Trial For Murder Says Boyfriend "Choked" Her During Sex

Girlfriend On Trial For Murder Says Boyfriend "choked" Her During Sex

Hayley Keating, 31, is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death. She claims that he liked "rough sex" and told the court that said the court that 45-year-old Matthew Wormleighton choked her with his hands and belt until she passed out.

She recalled that after passing out and regaining conciseness, "it felt like rape."

The mother of two is accused of killing Matthew Wormleighton, who died of a single stab wound to the chest at her home in Chilthorne Domer, Somerset, on 14 May 2021.

In Bristol Crown Court, the jurors heard that the man's death was a result of an argument fueled by drugs, allegedly.

Girlfriend On Trial For Murder Says Boyfriend "choked" Her During Sex

The court heard a recording of Hayley Keating, who denies murder, telling a 999 call handler that night that she had stabbed him and now "he's f***ing dying," Somerset Live reports.

Keating told the court:

"Sometimes, he would do it with his hands. Sometimes he would do it with a belt, quickly around my head in a loop."

"I would be on all fours, and he was behind me. I would pass out, and it was scary coming back 'round."

"I didn't really say anything, I just told him to be careful. I was OK with it, he liked it, he liked doing it."

"Being totally out didn't do anything for me. I was happy to do things for him."

Girlfriend On Trial For Murder Says Boyfriend "choked" Her During Sex

She called Wormleighton "lovely" and said that he dealt with a mental health crisis.

The police came to the scene after Keating's call. Her partner was taken to Yeovil District Hospital, where he died.

When Keating called the police, she said:

"I have stabbed the c***, and now he's dying. I just thrown a knife at him because I was angry, and now he's f***ing dying. Please get here now."

Prosecutor Jo Martin, QC, previously told the court that she had killed her partner with a knife she had taken from the kitchen.

She said:

"There was a single wound to his chest. The large kitchen knife that she used went into his chest to a depth of 10 centimeters."

Keating instantly called the police, saying that she had stabbed him.

Girlfriend On Trial For Murder Says Boyfriend "choked" Her During Sex

But Martin said, "that may not be right," as Keating now claims, "she threw the knife in his direction, she does not know how he became injured, and she cannot remember what happened."

Home Office pathologist, Dr. Amanda Jeffery, told the court the 20cm blade passed between two ribs and penetrated deep into Wormleighton's left lung, causing significant vascular injury and fatal blood loss.

Dr. Jeffery said:

"The likelihood of a knife being thrown, penetrating to a 10cm depth, is slim but should not be considered impossible."

"It is more likely to have been caused by a held in the hand stabbing motion into the body."

The court heard that during the night of his death, Wormleighton wanted to leave Keating, who became "upset and angry."

On the other hand, the mother-of-two claims that Wormleighton was violent in the past and on the night in question, which "frightened her."

The jury heard that the victim was allegedly controlling.

Keating was described as "funny, entertaining and kind" but "over the top." She used cocaine while both drank and dealt with depression.

Wormleighton had two previous significant relationships, but both women claim he was "caring, generous and a loveable rogue."

He allegedly told his friends that Keating was a "nutter, but the sex is really good."

The trial continues.