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Girl On House Arrest Twerks Up A Storm At House Party, Says "Lazy B-tches Catch Up" (VIDEO)

girl on house arrest twerks up a storm at house party, says “lazy b-tches catch up” (video)

Nothing says party like it's 1999 than being on a house arrest during the pandemics.

A viral video shows a young, blonde woman showing some exceptional twerking skills while wearing an ankle monitor.

In a skimpy bikini, the blonde is shaking her booty while chatting to several men. Clearly, they don't mind that she's done something to deserve that ankle monitor.

What's even more interesting, parties aren't allowed, but this little minx is no stranger to breaking laws, evidently.


In a short clip, you can hear her saying, "lazy bitches catch up!" She's most likely referring to Megan Thee Stallion's hit song, Savage, which is one way to describe this whole bizarre house party.

Either way, while she's stuck at home, clearly, this blondie is having a blast. From a bikini in the middle of the winter to the party in the middle of the pandemic, she's a proper rule breaker. It's not like the rest of those who came to her big party are any more reasonable. But, in this case, she's the only one with the ankle monitor - that we know of.


Yes, we are absolutely jealous that some are living the good life, while the rest are obeying the rules. But what can we say? Girls just want to have fun. And tattoos. And party during Covid-19 pandemic, and all the boys, plus the must-have accessory - the ankle monitor.

Check her out in action, but please do not try this at home!