Girl Keeps Flaking But Keeps Texting: 7 Reasons Why & What To Do About It

Are you puzzled as to why a girl continues to cancel plans and yet still texts you? If so, this article can provide answers. Here, we'll delve into 7 potential reasons and offer suggestions on how to handle the situation.

Why Do Girls Keep Flaking But Keep Texting?

Frequent cancellations combined with ongoing texting can be confusing. This behavior often stems from miscommunication or a lack of transparency. While you may feel like you're following the right approach with women, if she continues to cancel, there may be an issue. This article outlines 7 reasons why girls flake and offers guidance on how to address the problem:

1. She Might Not Be Interested

Unfortunately, this is a prevalent explanation for why girls flake but continue texting. If the attraction and comfort levels are insufficient, they may lose interest and cancel plans. To determine if this is the case, it's best to have an open and direct conversation with her and ask if she feels a strong enough connection to move forward.

If she responds negatively, it's best to handle it gracefully and move on. If you have strong feelings for her and are not ready to let go, you can inquire about what you need to do or say to convince her to go on the date. Remember, first impressions matter, but there is always the opportunity for a second chance!

2. She Might Have A Boyfriend

Another possible explanation for flaking is that she may have a partner. Although this might seem unlikely in the era of dating apps like Tinder, it is actually quite prevalent.

If she mentions "I'm kind of seeing someone" during your text conversations, it's important to clarify the level of commitment. Ask her about the seriousness of the relationship and if it's exclusive. This can be a delicate situation, as it's common for individuals to date around before settling down, but it can be manipulative for a woman to pursue other romantic options if she is already in a committed, monogamous relationship.

If she evades the topic and refuses to be transparent, it's best to end the communication politely. If she can't openly discuss her relationship status through text, it's a sign that she is likely, not available, and it's time to move on.

3. She Might Be Busy With Work Or School

This is an unexpected reason why girls might flake. If she is a student or has a high-pressure job, she may have to make sacrifices and cancel plans due to time constraints.

While this could be an indication of her being responsible and mature, it can also be a source of frustration if it occurs frequently. A possible solution is to suggest meeting at a nearby café near her work or school to accommodate her schedule.

4. She May Find Your Texting Style To Be Pushy

It's common to present ourselves differently in text compared to in-person, especially when starting a new relationship or interaction. This can make it challenging to decipher the effectiveness of your interactions.

If you pride yourself on direct communication, it's important to ensure that your messages do not seem overly aggressive or imposing. Ask plenty of questions and express understanding through your messages to make her feel heard and valued. This will help avoid giving the impression of being demanding.

5. She Has Self-Confidence Issues

Despite their beauty, many women struggle with low self-esteem. If you've been texting for an extended period without meeting in person or just not frequently, this could put a lot of stress on her and make it difficult for her to handle the situation if things don't go as planned.

6. She's Seeing Several People At Once

It's common for individuals, particularly in their twenties, to date multiple people simultaneously. If this is the case for her, she may be having difficulty managing her time with each person she is seeing.

If you're pursuing a woman who is managing multiple relationships, it's advisable to try and see her during a gap in her schedule. Although it may seem challenging, persistence can be rewarding. If there is a genuine connection between the two of you, she will eventually prioritize you over the other people she is seeing and have more time for you.

7. She Simply Had Something Come Up

It is possible to misinterpret a situation when it comes to flaking. If she has canceled plans with you on more than one occasion, it may simply be due to an unexpected event that is preventing her from following through. Before jumping to conclusions, try to have open and honest communication with her to understand the situation better.

If you suspect that she may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, it's best to directly ask her if she is still keen on moving forward with the date. Being understanding and simply checking in with her about her schedule and availability can encourage her to be truthful about her feelings and availability.

How Do You Respond To A Flaky Girl?

If you think she might be canceling the date because of unexpected issues, it's advisable to directly inquire about her plans and commitment. By showing understanding and confirming her schedule and readiness, you can inspire her to be open and honest about her situation and availability.

There's no need to shy away from asking her about the situation. Sometimes delving deeper can help ease your worries and let you know if your concerns are unwarranted.

On the other hand, if there's a major issue or deal-breaker behind her lack of commitment, directly addressing the problem can help you avoid getting involved in a negative situation.

If the girl is truly occupied or facing external challenges, you face a dilemma. You must determine whether you're willing to be accommodating and flexible to support her, or if you prefer to move on and seek someone who places a higher value on your time from the start. Whichever route you choose, make sure to communicate your decision clearly to her so that you both can proceed in a positive manner.

How Do You Know If A Girl Is Going To Flake?

It's often straightforward to identify when a girl is going to be flaky and call off a date. If she mentions being tired, occupied, or shy, she may be indicating that she'd like you to cancel the date. If you fail to pick up on this hint, you may receive an ambiguous cancellation message or email just before your scheduled meeting.

If this is a recurring occurrence and they have canceled on multiple dates before, it's a strong indication that they won't show up this time either. However, if this is an isolated instance or if they have canceled on you previously but then made it up later the same day, it may be wise to grant them the benefit of the doubt.

Another telltale sign of a flaky person is when they are evasive about making plans and refuse to confirm a specific date, time, or location for your next meeting. If you detect that they are trying to sidestep plans, confront them directly about it to prevent either of you from wasting time.

Lastly, you may observe that this person always comes up with an elaborate excuse for not attending. This is comparable to the classic "the dog ate my homework" explanation, and is a clear indication that they aren't sincere about the date. If she can't succinctly explain why she didn't show up, she's likely embellishing the story or has a deeper reluctance to meet up.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are intricately complex, and we can never fully comprehend why a person feels the way they do, especially in the early stages of a relationship. If you've made a sincere effort and she continues to be flaky, it's time to let go and move forward. While you may be curious about the reason behind her behavior, it's more crucial to prioritize self-love and seek someone who values your time and priorities. Rather than dwell on the unknown, focus on finding a relationship that is mutually fulfilling.

If this pattern repeats itself with various women, it's time to introspect and assess your own life and habits. Consider researching dating strategies, relinquishing certain expectations, or exploring personal barriers that might make it difficult for new individuals to enter your life. By doing so, you can gain insight and make changes that will lead to a more fulfilling and successful dating experience.

By approaching dating with an open and optimistic mindset, and not allowing others' behavior to dictate your emotions, with time and patience, you will attract a compatible and fulfilling match. And keep in mind, if a woman persistently cancels on you, she likely was not the right fit for you to begin with.