Girl Discovers Boyfriend's HORRIFIC Homemade Sex Doll After His House Got Burgled

girl discovers boyfriend’s horrific homemade sex doll after his house got burgled

Though burglary is not a joking matter, there's always a silver lining. Like finding out that your SO is cheating with what appears to be a dummy. And not just any dummy, but the one that looks like a mummy!

The curious case of a homemade sex doll comes from a woman on Reddit. She shared her experience and disturbing images.

You'd think they are teenagers, but it appears that they are adults, and that they've been dating for some time.


The robbers discovered this "doll"

While her man was at work, a woman got a call from his neighbor that the police is on their way since someone broke into the house.

Clearly, the couple was close enough since his neighbors know his girlfriend. As if that wasn't shocking enough, she stumbled upon... A doll!

She shared the details on Reddit, asking for advice and questioning her sanity:


"I found my boyfriend's creepy homemade sex doll."

"It's VERY creepy and made of (i think, I'm not touching it) clothes, stuffing, tape, and a magazine cover of a woman, is this a normal thing men do? I'm very disturbed."

"Edit: his house was robbed and I went over to see what happened after the neighbor called the police and the cops called him since he was at work and that is when I found it."


"I didn't mention it yet to him but he probably knows that I seen it. I have been in his house before but he must have kept it in the closet or something because I never seen it and it was laid out on the floor when I got there."

"I'm guessing the robbers ditched it after realizing what it was. I showed the picture that I took to my friend and she said he is a freak and I should run and dump him but I need more advice."


So, how do we put it gently? No, it's not normal that his sex doll looks like a nightmare and that hole... Jeez, that guy needs to be neutered.

People online are freaked out

Reddit community agrees that there's something seriously wrong with this picture. Here are some of the responses the woman got:

"Not "normal" but to each their own I guess. Have you asked him about it?… Edit: after seeing that image, that's creepy as hell."

girl discovers boyfriend's horrific homemade sex doll after his house got burgled
girl discovers boyfriend's horrific homemade sex doll after his house got burgled

Another user wanted to know more:

"How well do you know this guy? That is straight up the most serial killer thing I've ever seen."

And there's this optimistic one as well:

"Not normal, very creepy. But one day, far from now you're going to laugh so hard about this."

Yup, this user's adviser is as straightforward as they come:

"WTF. No, definitely not normal."


Obviously, the woman has to tell her man that she saw "it." But, if he's not a serial killer, he'll be embarrassed, and if he is, then... Sometimes, you have to take drastic measures because the next thing you know, you'll be having a threesome with your guy and his hellish homemade sex doll!

The silver lining here is that it's always better to know sooner rather than later!