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Ghanaian Men Allegedly Forced To Sleep With Older Russian Women

Ghanaian Men Allegedly Forced To Sleep With Older Russian Women

A call has gone out to rescue Ghanaian nationals who are in Russia.

Dr. Lawrence Awuku-Boateng, the president of the Ghana-Russia Business Development Council, wants the Ghana government to intervene.

Why The Call For Help?

Apparently, the people who are in Russia - most of them men - are suffering at the hands of locals.

The men seem to have been lured to Russia, thinking that their hookups on the internet will lead to marriage and a better life.

However, that is not the reality of the situation as they are allegedly sex slaves instead.

Visas and flight tickets are arranged for the men to get them into Russia.

It is reported that even soccer players have been duped into thinking they will play for good teams. When they arrive, they find out that is not what they are there for.

It is believed that these men cannot return home because they fear possible imprisonment because of legal consequences.

Their visas expire after 30 days and then it becomes very difficult to leave Russia.


According to reports, the men are locked in rooms with no chance to get a better life. They are forced to have sex with multiple women and more than once a day.

The Ghanian men allegedly have no say as they are forced to sleep with older women that include grannies, to the point that their health suffers.

One of the men shared that they have to sleep with the women for hours and they get into trouble if they become tired.

They face harsh punishments: taking their food away and leaving them in bad states.

It is not clear how this started or who is behind it. But it is clear that someone has to react and fast.

The men are essentially prisoners, forced into sexual acts against their will.

Dr Awuku-Boateng is hoping that the government will do something to save its people from this horrible fate.