Get To Know You Questions - 10 Questions To Ask A Geek

Get To Know You Questions – 10 Questions To Ask A Geek

One of my worst nightmares is walking into a crowd of people that I don't know and to start asking questions to get acquainted. It happens so many times in life that you are thrown in with a crowd of new people.

What do you say to break the ice? How do you start the conversation, or do you stand there in awkward silence?

For me, as an introvert, it is very difficult to start a conversation with new people. I try to avoid those situations but this is something you can not always avoid. If you can't avoid it then how do you deal with it?


I am not only an introvert but also a self-proclaimed geek. If you know anything about geeks you should know that they are usually people that keep to themselves in social situations.

What get to know you questions can you ask a geek? How do you learn about them and keep a conversation going?

Below is a list of 10 questions that you can ask a geek to get to know them better.

Games, Games, Games!!!

You can not go wrong with asking questions about games. It is definitely a conversation starter for geeks. Firstly start off with what medium they use to play games.


1. Are you a PC gamer or a console gamer?

If you feel very technical you can follow the question up with something like; what console do you use?

You will spark a conversation by asking how a gamer plays games. You get PC enthusiasts, and then you get people that prefer to play on a console and believe me, the two consider themselves completely different. After the chat, you can move on to the next question by finding out what games they like to play.


2. What is your favorite game at the moment?

There are so many games out there, the options are literally endless. Some of the most famous games that you can mention if you want to sound knowledgeable are Dota 2, The Witcher 3, Fortnight, Call of Duty, and Starcraft.

Why are these get-to-know-you questions so important? Geeks usually like to play games but like everything else you have a preference. You can like to play a certain style of games and like a certain device that you like to play the games on. Either way, this will keep your Geek talking passionately for a while.


Get to know you questions - Anime

Anime, a word that could be unknown to a lot of people. Do not start off by saying it is just an animation, you will definitely get a negative response.

So what is anime then? What you need to know about anime is that it is a hand-drawn or computer animation that originates in Japan. Start off by asking if the person watches anime.


3. Do you watch anime?

If the person does watch anime you can go on to ask them more about their preferred way of watching anime.

4. Dubs or Subs?

Anyone that watched anime will know what you mean when you are asking them about dubs or subs. Anime is produced in Japan and is thus mostly in Japanese, but there are some animes produced in other countries that will be in English.


If you do not understand Japanese you will then have to either use a dubbed version, meaning someone translated the anime into English. Or you will use the subbed version where you listen to the anime in Japanese while reading subtitles in English. These questions to become acquainted will definitely work.

5. What is your favorite anime?

There is no end to the number of animes out there. You got long anime series that have over 700 episodes or you can watch an anime that has only 6 episodes. Some of the most popular animes that you can mention are One Piece, Sword Art Online, Bleach, and Naruto.


6. Do you read the Manga?

Manga are comic books created in Japan. Most anime is based on a Manga. There are people that just watch the anime and others that would watch the anime and follow the Manga.

These get-to-know-you questions could keep the conversation going for quite a while. You have now learned about the favorite games and animes of the person that you are talking to. Next, let's look at superheroes.


Get to know you questions - Superheros

Everyone loves at least one superhero. You will quickly be able to start a conversation by using these get-to-know-you questions.

7. What is your favorite superhero?

Oh my, this can keep you going for a while. Everyone has a favorite superhero and you can go on to discuss why you choose this superhero. Is there a movie about that superhero?


8. What is the latest superhero movie that you watched?

You can talk about the famous Marvel movies or the darker DC movies, it doesn't matter either one will spark a good conversation. And if your superhero doesn't have a movie yet you can discuss the possibility of that movie. People tend to not only watch movies but series as well.

Questions about Series

Series is such a big part of most people's daily life and it is definitely good get-to-know-you questions for geeks as well.


What is the last series that you watched?

Have you watched the Big Bang Theory or The Witcher?

You will probably get a positive answer if you start talking about the Big Bang Theory or The Witcher. The Big Bang Theory is a well-known sitcom about a bunch of geeks, so if you are in a conversation with a geek I can guarantee that they will have something to say about the show.

The Witcher is a series that Netflix based on The Witcher book and game series. The hardcore Witcher fans would have read all the books and played the games before watching this series.


After all has been said and done you should have learned a few things by using the get-to-know-you questions listed above. Take the time to get to know a geek today, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.