Get This: You Haven't Failed In Life Because You've Failed In Love

Get This: You Haven’t Failed In Life Because You’ve Failed In Love

Failure scares people to death. And that's often the reason dating life often makes people so afraid. For many people, when a relationship ends, they let their hopes of a happy future die with it.

That needn't be the case. So, there is no point in giving up on life because your romantic goals have not worked out.

Besides, you should never give up after just one or two tries. But more importantly, just because your love life has hit a snag, it does not mean you cannot be a success in everything else in life.


And with that, here are a few more things to keep in mind about the connection between your success in your love life and life in general.

1. You Can't 'Fail' In Love

You need to accept that dating is not a test, although it does seem like one. So, even if your dates don't turn into what you expect, it does not mean you have failed.

2. You Can't Control Everything

However good you are at multitasking, some things will simply be beyond your control. When you decide to date, you have to accept that someone else will sometimes call the shots. So, if you haven't found the right person, don't expect things to work out. But don't worry, when the right person comes along, everything will fall into place.


3. Priorities Matter

You get as much as you invest. So, if you spend most of your time on work, then it will grow as your dating life takes a hit. Similarly, if you put enough effort into your dating life, your career might experience a decline. That is another way of saying that you should put your effort where it offers you the greatest benefits.


4. Being Single Is Not A Crime

Our society makes us feel like we are lacking something if we don't have someone in our lives. But when you come to think about it, you have never felt that someone was less valuable as a friend to you because they were single. So, why do you feel bad when it's you that's single? You can be happy regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not.


5. You're Not A Failure For Dating A Jerk

Betrayal can make us feel like we have failed in some way or another. However, just because you got in deep with a jerk, it does not mean you failed. Remember that there are plenty of good people in your life, which means the problem is not you. So, move on with your life and don't dwell on it.


6. Being Dumped Is Not A Sign Of Failure

Rejection hurts, especially in matters of love. The feeling of rejection is even worse when the rejection is from someone you have grown to care about. However, don't be tempted to take rejection personally. Someone will come along who will love you for all you are, including the things the person who dumped you could not tolerate.


7. Things Are Not Always Perfect

Few things can be as satisfying as seeing that everything in your life is falling into place. However, while those moments might happen regularly, they don't last forever. You have to take satisfaction in doing your best, and accepting what you cannot control with no hard feelings.