Get That Summer Feeling With Kit Kat Lemon Crisp

Over the years, Kit Kat has become a firm favorite with chocolate lovers the world over. Many people have indulged in this sweet treat over the decades, but these days there is far more choice when it comes to flavors.

Kit Kat is on a real mission when it comes to an explosion of new flavors for consumers to indulge in, with the new Kit Kat lemon crisp flavor already hitting the shelves. This is a wonderful new flavor that will transport you back to the days of summer with its wonderful lemony taste.

A Real Chocolate and Citrus Treat

For those who love chocolate and also like the taste of citrus, this new Kit Kat flavor will be a real treat. It has been well-received so far by those who have tried it, and as it continues to be rolled out there will undoubtedly be many others lining up to get that first delicious bite.

The good news is that this new Kit Kat flavor is available in miniature size, which is ideal for those who want to indulge their sweet tooth but also want to avoid bingeing on chocolate. Of course, this also means that you can share with others by letting them have a sample of the miniature fingers and still having plenty left over for yourself.

One of a Range of New Flavors

Kit Kat has managed to keep all chocolate lovers on the edge of their seats over recent weeks after announcing a plethora of new exciting flavors. The lemon crisp Kit Kats are already hitting the shelves, but there is plenty more to come from the chocolate giant.

Recently, it was revealed that Kit Kat is releasing a new birthday cake flavor later this year, which follows the trend of many food manufacturers. Lately, there have been all sorts of birthday cake goodies including milkshakes and ice-cream, so you never have to wait for your birthday to roll around to enjoy the great taste of cake!

On top of this, there should be a range of new pie flavors coming out from Kit Kat later on this year, with a range of sumptuous options to choose from. This includes blueberry pie, chocolate cream pie, apple pie, and even sweet potato pie.

A Taste of Summer

Many of those who have tried the new flavor feel that the taste of the lemon crisp transports them back to the summer. The flavor will continue being rolled out over the coming weeks, so you may find it in your local store before Easter.