Get Rid Of Boredom With These 10 Fun Things To Do With Friends

Get Rid Of Boredom With These 10 Fun Things To Do With Friends

It's the weekend! Or a boring night with little or nothing to do. It's time to step out of your routine, dial your friends up, and get the necessary fun time out. You need not worry about what to do, how to do it, or where to do it because I will be providing you with 10 great ideas for a thrilling time out – or in.

The Beach

Going to the beach on a weekend, you are guaranteed of having loads of fun. You can arrange a small picnic basket, plan games, and even go with a portable music player.

If you are aiming for some quiet time to just chill and bond with your friends, you can visit the beach on a weekday. Better still; pick a private beach resort that offers the serenity and tranquility you desire.

Visit An Amusement Arcade

Visit a place with multiple arcade games and have fun trying your hands at different ones. You and your friends can contribute money for as many coins as you can possibly get so that you can play as many games as you would love to. You can even have mini-competitions among yourselves. You are sure to return home feeling elated.


Have your friends come over to your place with different cooking ingredients. You can bake some pastries not just to eat, but to share with neighbors. After all, there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. You can all sit to eat and drink and thereafter, see a movie before each one leaves with whatever leftover meals there are.

Dance Club

Dance away your sorrows and boredom by visiting an age-appropriate dance club. You can all meet up before going there so you hit the place as a clan.


Explore nature's beauty by seeking national parks or nature trails. You will be exerting yourself physically but it will help you loosen up. There will be no dull moments with your friends around.

Shopping Mall

Shopping! For many ladies, this is a sure antidote to boredom. Get yourself a new outfit or a new pair of shoes. Have fun comparing prices and window shopping before making any purchase.

Roller Skating

This sure is exhilarating. If it has been a while you indulged in this, it's high time you got started again. You'll get out of your usual, confined space and relieve some accumulated stress.

Swimming Pool

On an especially hot day or days, you really need to cool off the risk of burning out, a visit to the pool is in order. Make arrangements with your friends who are in the same plight and have a chill time out.

Garden Picnic

Each person can arrange small picnic baskets and meet up at a garden spot. Play games like chess, monopoly, or scrabble. Set your phones aside and share stories, encourage one another, and eat as much as you can. Enjoy the company of your friends in that relatively peaceful and beautiful environment.

Theme Park

This might sound childish but it's more than welcome. Return to the carefree days of childhood where there are little or no worries. On a roller coaster ride, you can scream as much as you want. Just make the most fun out of it.

You have no excuse to remain bored with this list of things to do for fun. Engaging in these activities with well-meaning friends is definitely going to be worth it.