Get Geared Up For Halloween With Walgreens 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Succulent Planters

Get Geared Up For Halloween With Walgreens ‘nightmare Before Christmas’ Succulent Planters

With October just around the corner, many people will be looking forward to their cozy nights in as it gets darker. Many will also be excited about the up-and-coming Halloween festivities.

While things may be a little different this year due to the global pandemic, people will still celebrate in their own way. This includes enjoying the annual traditions of Halloween, such as spiced pumpkin latte and apple cider.

Another thing many will do is to decorate their homes in spooky Halloween styles to mark the occasion. This is something Walgreens can help with thanks to their Nightmare Before Christmas succulent planters.

Choose from a Variety of Characters

get geared up for halloween with walgreens 'nightmare before christmas' succulent planters

Walgreens sold planters based on characters from the hit Tim Burton movie last year. They were a great success, with many rushing out to get their hands on several for their homes.

This year, the planters have returned to Walgreens in time for Halloween. This time around, however, there are even more characters to choose from.

The faux succulent planters will add a lighthearted Halloween touch to any home. They come complete with a faux succulent that perfectly matches each character.

One of the popular planter characters is the fabulous Jack Skellington. This planter comes with a black faux succulent that provides the perfect finish.

get geared up for halloween with walgreens 'nightmare before christmas' succulent planters

A new character for this year is Jack's best friend, Zero. With its bright orange pumpkin nose, this planter looks great and comes with an orange succulent reminiscent of a shock of red hair.

The Sally planter also makes a reappearance after last year's success. The planter has rouge hair for Sally and a wonderful burgundy succulent to complement it perfectly.

Another option is the Oogie Boogie planter with its eerie expression and grimace. This one comes with a pointed black succulent that gives it a bit of a punk mohawk finish.

All of the planters are stylish and well-made, making them perfect for your Halloween décor. You can enjoy the unique finish they give to any room in your home, and they are great for table decorations at Halloween parties.

The great news is that these planters are also very affordable at under six bucks for each. So, you can go to town and get a selection for your home.

The Ideal Décor for Halloween

These Nightmare Before Christmas succulent planters from Walgreens are the ideal décor for Halloween. However, you need to be quick, as they are likely to sell out pretty quickly.