Get Away From Chronic Complainers. They Can Damage Your Health

Get Away From Chronic Complainers. They Can Damage Your Health

What does complaining really achieve? We get that venting is good since bottling up stuff is practically inviting emotional and psychological problems into your life.

But How Can It Be That Some People Always Have Something To Complain About?

In this life, unsurprisingly, you meet all kinds. Some people are always complaining, continuously overlooking all the good things happening in their lives and focusing entirely on everything that is going wrong.

Science says you should stay away from such people for the sake of your health.

Happiness cannot exist where chronic complaining is the order of the day. So damaging is complaining that it compares to being exposed to secondhand smoke.

So, in essence, tolerating a chronic complainer is like staying next to a smoker, and you know how much damage that can do to your health.

Allowing A Chronic Complainer Into Your Life Is Saying Yes To A Life Of Misery

We can vent when the occasion calls for it. But being eternally pessimistic about everything is crossing the line.

Complaints from others fill your mind with negative thoughts, and these start to eat you from the inside out. They make you stressed over everything and deny you any joy in your life.

Chronic complainers go on and on over nothing. Something as minor as a broken glass will have them complain for hours until they find the next thing to complain about.

The complaints never end, until maybe a really positive thing happens, at which point the complainer stays quiet. But only for a little while before their dark negative side comes to the surface once more.

Always Voicing Your Negative Perceptions Drives People Away, It Seems Whiny

But it's only recently that science has linked this habit to other harms.

Complaining can ruin your mood and those of others and also affect your brain functions. The body can suffer in other ways as well.

Complaints create a trap, and the brain starts seeing the negative while overlooking the positive. The dangerous mindset can become part of you.

Complainers drain those around them of all their energy. Their negative energy kills the joy in other people, and it stresses them out.

When someone complains, we naturally worry. And when they do this all the time, it means you are worried all the time, and that is a heavy burden to bear.

The increase in stress causes an increase in cortisol, and this raises our blood pressure and glucose levels.

Over Time, This Can Have Serious Consequences On Our Bodies

So, the advice here is simple. If you are a complainer, work on being more positive. By focusing on the brighter side of life, you will have less to complain about.

And if you happen to spend your time around people who complain a lot, then try to get away before it's too late. All that negativity will wear you down.

Don't be too surprised to see how positive you become after letting go of all the complainers in your life.

Chronic complainers are stuck in their ways. They almost like it when there is plenty to complain about because that is what they do best.

They Might Even Reject Assistance To Have Something To Keep Complaining About

So, don't for a moment think you can change this person and make them more positive. They don't want that. Look after your own needs by getting away from these soul-sucking stressors and you will have a happier and healthier life.