'Get A Real Job!' Influencers Slammed After Complains About Instagram Link Count Change

‘get A Real Job!’ Influencers Slammed After Complains About Instagram Link Count Change

Influencers' career is currently hanging in the balance, with reality stars throughout the internet losing thousands of followers after Instagram removed the 'like count' feature.

Celebes, brands, influencers, as well as ordinary people, use Instagram regularly. Researchers have even shown that over 60 percent of internet users own an Instagram account. So, it's a pretty popular platform.

For most of us, Instagram likes may mean nothing. Though it's sometimes nice to feel a false sense of public validation, they aren't the be-all and end-all.

But for many internet users, such as influencers, celebs, or even brands, Instagram' likes' mean the world to them.

So, thousands of these individuals are likely to lose online fame and fortunes as this popular social media platform removes the 'like count.'

And Australian influencers could struggle to earn sponsorship and paid posts if Instagram removed the 'iconic features' in the country.

Despite how the removal of the feature negatively impacts the careers of most influencers, it seems there's no sympathy for them from fellow Aussies.

Daily Mail Australia recently revealed how much influencers may struggle to secure sponsorship after Instagram changes take effect.

People are now scorning these stars saying, "go get jobs in the real world."

One person scorned:

"I'm sure they're hiring at Woolies and Coles."

Another added:

"I'd be devastated too if I found a job that I had to do basically nothing and then had to now work for it."

A third person joked they're sending their "thoughts and prays" to influencers who may no longer be able to support themselves financially through social media.

Since Instagram removed its 'like count,' thousands of similar reactions and comments have flooded social media, with most internet users telling influencers to "find new jobs."

Most of us probably wouldn't face the devastating consequences of Instagram's decision to remove the feature.

But the move is already causing an unprecedented effect on influencers and reality stars, who're losing thousands of followers every day.

According to the analytics website Social Blade, Elizabeth Sobinoff has also been losing followers.

On Monday, a total of 683 people unfollowed her, with a further 182 unfollowing her the following day.

Despite being a famous influencer in Australia for female empowerment posts, she has lost nearly 1,000 followers since Instagram introduced the changes.

Elizabeth's co-star, Cyrell Paule, also seems to be losing followers daily, and the change is to blame.

Despite managing to gain nearly 300 followers on Friday, she has already lost over 1,241 followers since removing the 'like count.'

Though it's not clear whether the change is here to stay, we expect that many influencers and reality stars won't be happy for a long time.