George Washington Statue Torn Down And Draped In Burning US Flag

Portland activists tore down a nearly 100-year-old George Washington statue and draped it on a burning US flag.

Amid the ongoing racism crisis, following George Floyd's death, a group of people toppled a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon.

Activists Spray-Painted The Words "Genocidal Colonist" And Other Vulgar Words On The Statue


Before tearing down the monument, protesters spray-painted the words "BLM" for Black Lives Matter and "genocidal colonist" on the statue.

george washington statue torn down and draped in burning us flag

They also painted the date 1619, a reference to the arrival of slaves to the American colonies. They then burned a US flag over the statue.

After toppling the bronze monument, they laid a second American over the statue and blazed it.

The Statue Of Washington Dates Back To 1926

george washington statue torn down and draped in burning us flag

Pompeo Coppini, an Italian immigrant, created this statue as to tribute to the sesquicentennial of the Declaration of Independence.

Washington served as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the war for American independence from British rule.

Coppini also created two other George Washington statues, one in Mexico City—before it was torn down. The other one is in Austin, Texas.


The Portland statue was a part of the City of Portland and Multnomah County Public Art Collection. And it stood on the lawn of the German American Society before activists toppled it down.

According to reports, around 30 to 40 people initiated the incident. They wrapped the statue's head in an American flag and lit the flag on fire.

Their numbers increased over the next hour until there were enough to pull the statue to the ground.


Cops arrived a little later.

Activists Destroyed Several Other Monuments Across The Country And Other Parts Of The World


The toppling of Washington's statue came days after protesters tore down the monument of America's third president, Thomas Jefferson.

The statue was situated in front of Jefferson High School. Activists even spray-painted the words "slave owner" at the bottom of the base.

Protesters also tore down and defaced a statue of Christopher Columbus in Virginia.

A video went viral across the UK as protesters destroyed a sculpture of 17th Century slave trader Edward Colston. The activists even tossed the statue into a nearby lake.


Colston was Conservative MP for Bristol following his tenure as deputy governor of the Royal African Company.

He trafficked over 84,000 African (men, women, and children) slaves to the Caribbean and America during his reign.

Approximately 19,000 slaves died on their journey.