George Floyd Pleads "I'm Not A Bad Guy" In New Bodycam Footage From Murder Trial

George Floyd Pleads “i’m Not A Bad Guy” In New Bodycam Footage From Murder Trial

New footage shows the late George Floyd telling the police officers "I'm a not a bad guy."

He was allegedly stopped for trying to use a fake $20 bill. In the newly released video, the late Floyd is begging the officers not to shoot him.

The Trial For The Death Of George Floyd

The Minneapolis court presented a new bodycam footage with distressing content. The video shows police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Mr. Floyd's neck for over nine minutes.

Floyd was at that time pleading him to stop, saying, "I can't breathe."

The 45-year-old former police officer denies charges of murder and manslaughter. His lawyers will fight that Mr. Floyd died from an overdose and poor health.

The trial started this week.

The New Bodycam Footage

The new bodycam footage comes from the officers Thomas Lane, J Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao. The three police workers were standing next to Chauvin while he was kneeling on late Floyd's neck.

In Lane's footage, Mr Floyd is seen begging the police:

"Please don't shoot me... I just lost my mom."

The officers then used handcuffs as Floyd continued to beg them not to hurt him. You can hear the late George Floyd saying he "will do anything you tell me to."

Floyd then goes back to his car and starts crying, overcome with anxiety. Then, Chauvin and his partner Thao arrive as the arrest goes on.

The next scene is one most of the planet already saw.

George Floyd is begging for his life. He's telling his loved ones he loves them and calling out for his mom.

I Can't Breathe

George Floyd's final words became a symbol of Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

His words were used by 70 people who died while in police custody last year.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Jerry Blackwell said Chauvin "betrayed this badge when he used excessive and unreasonable force upon the body of Mr. George Floyd."

He said:

"You will learn what happened in those nine minutes and 29 seconds when Derek Chauvin was applying that excessive force to the body of George Floyd. You will hear his voice get heavier, you will hear his words get further and further apart, you will hear his respiration get shallower and shallower until it finally stops."

He added:

"You will learn that use of excessive and unreasonable force against a citizen is an assault. We are going to show you that putting knees on somebody's neck, somebody's back, was a dangerous activity, and he did it without consideration for the impact it would have on Floyd's life."

Some of the witnesses broke down in tears.

Unofficially, President Biden will deliver a statement once the jury delivers a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.