Gen Z's Latest Obsession: 'Bed Rotting'

'Bed rotting' is the newest obsession among Gen Z.

Gen Z refers to the generation born from the mid-1990s to the early 2010s.

Known for their social awareness, self-care practices, and tech-savviness, among other traits, Gen Z has found a new trend on TikTok that combines these aspects.

Discover more about the 'bed decay' trend in the video below…

Young people have embraced a new trend called 'bed rotting,' where they dedicate extensive time to rest and relaxation in bed.


Unlike casual bed lounging, 'bed rotting' is a purposeful activity that promotes mental well-being.

These sessions can range from a few hours to an entire weekend, allowing individuals to fully recharge and rejuvenate without feeling guilty.

The concept of bed rotting revolves around fully surrendering to mental or physical fatigue and embracing a state of deep rest while nestled in the comfort of pillows and blankets.


This trend has gained significant traction on TikTok, with hashtags like #inbedrotting and #rottinginbed amassing millions of views.

The trend saw a surge in popularity after a viral video by user @g0bra77y in December. In the video, she humorously expressed her enjoyment of spending time rotting in bed.

The clip garnered over 1.4 million views and sparked a lively discussion among fellow bed-rotting enthusiasts in the comment section.


One commenter shared: "I feel my purpose in this life is to rot in dif places. My bed, hotel bed, beach sand, hammock etc. I was made to lay and rot."

Another person stated it is their "hobby" and "passion".

Another viewer commented: "Me watching this while laying in bed every day for the past two weeks. Never felt so alive."

TikTok is filled with a wide array of videos dedicated to the art of bed rotting, showcasing different approaches and experiences.


Some users take their bed rotting sessions to the next level by treating it as an opportunity to get ready for the day. They go through their full makeup routine, put on nice outfits, and truly indulge in the self-care experience.

This elevated form of self-care adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the bed rotting practice.

In addition to bed rotting, there's another self-care trend making waves on social media known as "everything showers."


These showers can last anywhere from two to four hours, allowing members of Gen Z to pamper themselves while listening to music or podcasts.

Gen Z influencer Kourv Annon shared her love for everything showers, highlighting how she uses this time to thoroughly wash her hair, shave her legs and armpits, deep condition her hair, exfoliate her skin, and perform her skincare routine.

Annon, who is 22 years old, enthusiastically shared her shower routine with her fiancé, Alex Warren.


"An everything shower with hot water and Taylor Swift is better than s**. Sorry."

While some people choose to indulge in everything showers once a month, others make it a more regular part of their routine.

Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky, a dermatologist, offers advice on how to make the most of an everything shower.

She suggests starting by rinsing out conditioner early on in the shower to avoid clogging pores and potentially causing acne on the back and chest.


Next, it's recommended to exfoliate and shave using a gel or foam. After rinsing off the shaving product, she advises double cleansing the face to ensure thorough cleaning.