Gen-Zers Leave People Speechless With Explanation Of Cute Eyes Emoji's True Meaning

A 30-year-old "elderly student" has shared her experience of living in a dorm with younger students, often referred to as Gen Zers, and how she's discovered the true interpretations of various emojis.

Emojis have become a significant part of our daily conversations, frequently used in texts and direct messages.

However, each emoji can hold different meanings depending on the person using it. For one, a laughing face might indicate genuine amusement, while for another, it could be interpreted as sarcasm.

Even the crying face emoji can convey a range of emotions, from sadness to overwhelming joy.

And then there's the aubergine emoji - which is widely known for representing more than just a fruit.

Scarlett, aged 30, is well-known on TikTok with her account @genwhyscarlett, and she humorously refers to herself as an "elderly student."

A viral post, with a whopping 4.5 million views, features an influencer expressing her astonishment at discovering the X-rated meanings behind some of her beloved emojis.

In a video showcasing the cute eyes emoji, she exclaims, "For some unknown reason, this means either 'innocent' or 'horny'."

Scarlett goes on to reveal that the thumbs-up emoji is meant to be passive-aggressive, and the upside-down smiley face symbolizes 'f*** my life'.

She was also surprised to find out that cherries apparently represent something more explicit.

People have flooded the comments section with their reactions to her eye-opening revelations.

One commenter wrote: "This is unfortunate because I use this [thumbs up emoji] at work all the time."

Another shared: "I use the thumbs up non-passive aggressively so uh maybe I need to go apologise to some people."

A viewer added: "That's why this girl got crazy mad at me when I gave a thumbs-up reaction to a Facebook message?! I respond that way to everything! IRL too!"

A fourth said: "I used to have a coworker who used [upside down smiley face emoji] to mean deliriously happy and I was so confused."

Someone else expressed: "OK but have [eye emoji] mean 'I'm listening' is actually perfect since you are reading the texts lol."

After her TikToks about being an "elderly student" went viral, Scarlett had a chat with Buzzfeed, sharing her experiences of living in student dorms.

She said: "Group chats are a big thing with them, so the rapid-fire communication style has been a learning curve for me. Specifically with emojis, memes, and phrases."

"I'm the first one to laugh at myself for being old and obsolete, so I'm always asking questions and my Gen Z peers are more than happy to indulge me."