Gemini In 2019

22 May – 21 June

You’ll enjoy the warmth and mutual appreciation in abundance, with plenty of celebrations and events to host. Sharing joy with others is in the cards.

Home and Family

A lot can be achieved by you and yours in 2019. Ideas are being bandied around like boomerangs, and the best ones will come back to the table for discussion time and again. Your minds are bright and lively, and getting together to solve challenges could feel as much fun as playing a TV game show. There is a buzz around your home life until things finally calm down in September, but that is also the time when you can start building dreams together on a new foundation of love and understanding.

Cash and Career

June and August are offering financial highs when plans could fall into place and you may get the salary or offer you want. In June, with Mars on your side, you can push ahead with what once seemed like an ambitious plan. There is nothing wrong with grand schemes, Gemini, especially when the full force of deal-making Jupiter is on the side, as he is after June 9. Plus, in August Venus gives you a way of getting your point across that benefits others as much as you with financial gains all round. Partnership or friendship also gets more exciting when you enter into a joint investment plan, and this could be in the picture around December. Make sure you check the fine print and keep an eye on progress to make a fabulous long-term return.

Love and Friendship

Even those in committed relationships could be inclined to keep it light and cheery this year. If your partner is down in the dumps, you should have the wherewithal to lift them, and the same applies to friends. You just aren’t sweating the small stuff in 2018. You could have the feeling that you can take life in your stride – and it’s certainly true that worrying will get you nowhere. Deal with any worries you come across one at a time, and try to get everyone around you into that habit too. Come October, you and your lover could find that being in each other’s arms is all you need, while those on the lookout for a partner could get to know someone between autumn and December who may just be the one. It’s like you’re giving them a test drive, Gemini! Good for you.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Widen your social circle to increase your luck factor
  2. Make your dreams of a new career come true
  3. Commit to future goals and strengthen a relationship

Diary Entries 2019


A relationship that’s going nowhere won’t make anybody happy. Issue an ultimatum, then decide to commit or quit.


Listen to what life’s telling you. Grab an unusual opportunity that arrives by text.


Wait and see where a relationship with a friend is heading. Unfinished business needs attending to before you make up your mind.


Build some quiet time into your day. Don’t get involved in petty office politics or an ongoing rift between friends.


Keeping a secret isn’t easy. If you keep quiet, the rewards you receive will be immense.


The time for talking is now. Don’t be scared to open up about your feelings, especially in a significant relationship.


Brainstorm ideas if you need to pay off a debt. Act upon an advert on a noticeboard.


Don’t have a closed mind if you’re planning a trip. Look out for a last-minute invitation.


Redecorate your home or join a community project. If you’re a parent, letting go of a child will prove bittersweet.


If you’ve been dreaming of a new career, the right opportunity is about to come your way.


The more you put into a relationship, the easier it is to see what the future holds. Be honest about matters of the heart.


When love is right, commitment comes easily. Decide where your heart lies and sign a contract that seals your bond.