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Gay Man Left In Tears After His Own Mum Condemns Him To Hell For Marrying Boyfriend

Gay Man Left In Tears After His Own Mum Condemns Him To Hell For Marrying Boyfriend

A gay Mexican man was left in tears after having a phone call with his mom, who condemned him to hell for planning to marry his boyfriend.

Henry Jimenez recorded a phone call between himself and his mother, in which he announces to her that he plans to marry his boyfriend. Within only seconds of the conversation, he was in tears after hearing her response.

The mother of the social media influencer told him that he was a "sin" and he was "gonna be the one who kills me."

Henry had plans to share the rest of his life with his boyfriend, Kasey Kerbox, after he proposed to him under a gleaming glacier in the North Pole, Alaska.

Hoping for a positive response, the man was excited to tell his mother about the planned wedding.

He knew right away how his mom felt about his decision.

The Mother was Crushed to Hear the News

She said in the phone call: "I can't believe you're being serious about this."

"Do you know that's a sin in front of the eyes of God? It's in the bible – those will never get into God's kingdom."

After listening to her words, Henry stopped her and refused to let go of his plans. As expected, this made her ask a lot of questions, such as "At what point did you meet the guy?"

She then continued: "You broke my heart in a thousand pieces."

"Every time you talk to me about that, you make me sad."

"You make me sicker than I already am."

The son was compared by his own mother to Judas. She said that he had done "wrong" and marrying his boyfriend was a "sin".

"I didn't teach you those ways," she continued.

Completely devastated, her son replied: "That's enough. I'll call you later."

To share his feelings about the call, Jimenez shared a post on Instagram. He wrote: "What are we doing in this world if we are not being truly happy?"

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