Gator With Knife In Head Spotted Swimming In Texas Lake

An alligator was spotted with a knife stuck in the middle of its head in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Residents of Orchard Lakes Estates in Fort Bend County express their anger after a live alligator was captured in a photo with a knife stuck in its head.

Erin Weaver took the photo. She, together with her neighbor, said that they're concerned about the well-being of animals.

Erin Weaver said:

"I saw him swimming, and then I saw him turn, like swimming towards me, and I saw something sticking out of his head."

"It looked like a steak knife sticking out of his head, I don't know if it was in his eye, but it looked. If it wasn't in his eye, it was very close to his eye."

Weaver also revealed that she lived in the area for six years and has never worried about wild animals.

She said:

"Almost every morning, I see them. Never have I seen them aggressive or even defensive. If you walk by and startle, then they just go underwater."

Weaver added:

"I feel that somebody did this on purpose. I can't imagine this animal going after somebody that they would have to defend themselves, because we've never had that happen before."

The photo of this alligator with the knife stuck in the head had been circulating online, drawing concerns of how the incident happened.

Weaver, together with her neighbors, are hoping to find aid for the animal.

She added:

"I want to get help for this alligator. I don't want to see an alligator swimming around with a knife in his head and suffering."

She also said that Texas Parks and Wildlife was contacted after the animal's sighting.

According to Brazos Bend State Park Superintendent Chris Bishop, alligators are resilient and infection resistant. He said that the animal wasn't in pain and could live with the knife for some time.