"Gaslighting": Probably The Most Dangerous Form Of Mental Manipulation We All Deal With

“gaslighting”: Probably The Most Dangerous Form Of Mental Manipulation We All Deal With

Gaslighting is something that countless people don't realize is happening to them, but the outcomes represent themselves: self-doubt, decreased confidence, low self-esteem, and self-worth. The world has a method for beating even the best people down now and then. However, this specific type of manipulation is one that can be recognized and removed from our everyday existence.

Planted seeds of doubt

In 1938, there was a play called "Gas Light" that was later adapted into a motion picture in 1944. In the story, the husband works persistently to persuade his wife and their friends that she is crazy by making little and subtle changes to their home. At the point when the wife would call attention to the changes, the husband persuaded her that she wasn't right, that there were no changes, and that she was insane. Gradually, the wife begins to doubt herself because of the subtle changes, to be specific a gaslight that the husband continued dimming, subsequently the expression "gaslighting".

Our perception is our reality

In the play, the key was the husband's capacity to change his wife's impression of the real world. She saw the light as being dimmer, and her husband guarantees her that it isn't. He made her question her observation, and hence her world. It is a type of mental abuse that goes under the radar by so many people because they don't realize what is happening. For the abuser, the capacity to control the victim's own view of themselves and the things around them enables them to control the victim themselves.

In all actuality, it happens every day. It's everywhere. How many advertisements do you see that guarantees that using their item will some way, or another improve your life? That is a gentle type of gaslighting. You are made to believe that some part of you or your life is fragmented. You are made to DOUBT yourself. You are made to feel that whatever item is being sold is the answer to what you've been looking for in your life.

Gaslighting in our lives and what's the answer?

Maintaining your own reality through your own perceptions.

There are individuals in this world who will look at a unicorn and ponder to themselves, "Woah, that is a unicorn, which is something I will never be." They will attempt to persuade you, the unicorn, that you are only a normal horse-like them with a weird growth on your head that you ought to get looked at by some sort of doctor that specializes in head growths.

They will attempt to take your magic and make you as dull and common as the plain, old horse that they are. They need you to be plain like them, just to bring you down to their level.

You are a unicorn. Despite what anyone else says, you are one in 7.4 billion, and that is a beautiful thing.