Gain Self Respect By Getting Over The Fact That Your Name Is Not In Mambo No. 5 By Lou Bega

Gain Self Respect By Getting Over The Fact That Your Name Is Not In Mambo No. 5 By Lou Bega

Is it just me, or is the name selection in everyone's favorite 1999's hit Mambo No. 5 borderline offensive? Sure, there are six different names featured in the song, but what about the others? Not to mention, the amount of women actually called Monica outside of another 90's favorite - Friends, is close to zero. It is true though, that not hearing your own name amongst those incredibly attractive ladies' ones can do major harm to your ego. That is why we came up with a 5 step instruction to gain back your self-respect, even if Lou failed to mention you in the song.

1. Listen To Other Songs

Mambo No. 5 is pretty good, but it is not the only song featuring names. Plus, there is an entire variety of moods for each of those. From the groovy Billie Jean by Michael Jackson to lyrical Jolene by Dolly Parton, you will definitely find the one that is just right for you. Check out the good old Beatles, those guys wrote a whole collection of songs named after women. By the time you will find the right tune, you will go through a decent amount of notable examples. Plus, dancing to all the good ones you've discovered will boost your Endorphin level and you'll feel happy and worthy by default.

2. Consider Different Art Forms

Why stop at music, when there are tons of other masterpieces inspired by and devoted to women? Let's leave Sophie's Choice and Rosemary's baby aside for the sake of keeping this on the brighter side. But hey, there is always a light-hearted Forgetting Sara Marshall or an ego-boosting Hannah. And on top of that, there is theater, paintings, sculpture, poetry and so much more. So keep looking until you find the one that fits.

3. Write Your Own Song

This one is for the creative types out there. Why not learn to love yourself on a whole other level by being your own muse and writing a song dedicated to you specifically? This is especially good for rare and unique names. Not big on rhyming - paint an abstract piece and name it after yourself or even invent a dessert with your favorite ingredients (win-win, am I right?). Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to come from a place of Self Respect and Admiration.

4. Move On To Songs That Do Not Objectify Women

Let's face the elephant in the room - Mambo No. 5 is straight-up objectifying women. This is definitely not the energy we want in 2020. So, maybe drop a good portion of oldies from your playlist and get to know some of today's anthems. Queens Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande are taking good care of keeping their music pretty empowering lately.

5. Find Other Ways To Confirm Your Worth

If we get serious for just a moment, your Self Worth is absolutely not defined by a song that approached its twentieth birthday recently. Evaluate the things you do daily - most of them for sure deserve appreciation. Not just from others, but from you before anyone else. Get inspiration from the stories of great women in history. Follow their lead when it comes to knowing how much you mean. And even the simple fact that you find the strength to keep going and moving with the rhythm of life is amazing. So, focus on these and approach loving and respecting yourself from within. You, yes you, are AMAZING (just the way you are)!