Fury Over New Nike Trainers For Women That 'Look Like An Iron'

Social media users let off steam as Nike unveils a new women's trainer design that resembles an "iron!."

The latest Nike Air Max FF 720 women's shoes will be released this month. It faced criticism on the internet as shoppers and sports fans pointed out that the trainer's design resembles an iron.

People aren't mocking the new women's shoes merely because they are ugly, but it's more about what and how they look like.

The new women's Nike Air Max trainer has two cutouts and a thick clear plastic sole, which many people say resembles the household appliance.

The trainer, aimed at Women and promoted by English Footballer Frank Kirby and Tennis star Laura Robson, seems to send out a different message. Social media users aren't happy about it.

And despite the shoe being endorsed by Kirby as well as Laura Robson, accusations of sexism have been levied at Nike for their new design.

After Nike announced its new product, shared a post on Twitter, a post that now has gone viral with over 4,400 likes. And many shoppers are expressing their opinions and concerns regarding Nike's latest design. posted:

"It's unquestionably safe to say that the new Air Max FF 720 for women is unlike anything we've ever seen before."

Awaiting release on Jun 20th, the features of the new Nike Air Max design, cut-out oval center, and a clear plastic sole were enough to set the Twitter world into fury.

Though some internet users are outraged at the design, most are just mocking the new product.

One social media user tweeted:

"Presenting Women's Nike Air Max FF 720. It converts the mechanical and kinetic energy generated when you jog/run to heat the iron."

Another mocked Nike's planning meeting where the new Nike Air Max was approved:

"Meeting at NIKE headquarters:
Man 1: What elements should we be inspired by to make the next women's shoes?
Man 2: Let's take inspiration from their favorite places!

"Tadaaaaaa Nike Air Max! Inspired by the common laundry iron :joy::joy::joy: jeezus it's ugly."

Yet another commented:

"Fill That Bitch Up With Water Coz That Looks Like The Nike Air Max Iron Steamers."

The backlash happens just a few weeks after another Nike gaffe which showed a woman with a hairy armpit on an Instagram Ad.

And just like always, social media users had to misinterpret in their own way. Some even suggested that the global sporting giant was trying to urge women to shave their armpits.