Furious Trucker Destroys Cowardly Woman Beater At Waffle House

furious trucker destroys cowardly woman beater at waffle house

After witnessing an abusive man pick on a vulnerable woman, this badass truck driver decided to take action - and it was all caught on video.

The video of the incident starts with a mid-confrontation at a Waffle House. The truck driver, who's a mountain of a man, took offense when this coward beat up a helpless woman.

So he approached the woman beater, screaming obscenities at the visibly frightened smaller black male. At first, it is unclear what the confrontation was all about.

But a couple of seconds later, the issue becomes clear as the 'big man' shouts at the woman beater:

"You touch her again, and you will be my mother f**king breakfast."

furious trucker destroys cowardly woman beater at waffle house

The not-so-gentle mountain of a man then explained to the coward that hitting a woman isn't the right way to get your point across.

He then shouts to the woman beater's face that if he ever does it again, he'll give him a good beating.

This was after the black man yelled at a woman and then grabbed her throat at the Waffle House.

Patrons had crowded the restaurant at the time, and the big man's rage only escalated during the video.

At one point, things turned a bit physical as the giant decided to rough up the coward to make sure he hears the message loud and clear.

Before long, the woman beater's friend stood up, and he seemed to embolden his comrade.

The two small men then stood on top of the restaurant furniture, threatening to shoot the man.

Well, their threats didn't seem to frighten the big guy, to say the least.

In fact, at one point, the big man responds:

"Shoot me, mother f**ker. Shoot me. It won't be the first time."

You deserve to be shamed and confronted if you hit a helpless woman.

We need more 'big men' like this that are willing to stand up for others and do the right thing, despite how dangerous it might be.

This trucker is our hero. According to reports, he's a Gulf War veteran.

Although it's unlikely this coward is done abusing women, it's reassuring to see he received a perfect public shaming for his actions.

Let's hope he learned his lesson about hitting women. Hopefully, he'll think twice before doing it again. The next guy he does it in front of might not be so nice to him.

And for the friend that stood up for the woman beater, he's probably a violent bully as well. As wise people say, 'birds of a feather…'