Furious Shoppers Call Out The Range For "Degrading" And "Sexist" Bottle Opener

A prominent department store faced criticism after a bottle opener deemed "demeaning" was found on its shelves.

The Range faced criticism over a controversial item, which a shopper deemed "sexist".

Faye Scott, from London, stated that her mother informed her about the offensive bottle opener and she had to verify its authenticity on the chain's website, which turned out to be true.

The £1.99 bottle opener, which was located in the "funny gifts" section of the website, is designed in the shape of a woman wearing a red bikini.


While some may view it as harmless but outdated, Faye claims that the design encourages people to insert a bottle into the woman's posterior.


The website advertisement states: "No bottle can resist her charm! The bottle opener is an essential tool for anyone looking to crack open a cold one. Do it in style with this bottle opener. Makes a great novelty gift."

Faye, 29, was appalled by the item and urged The Range to cease its sale.

"It's literally objectifying women," Faye said.

"It's a bit strange to see that sort of thing."


"I had to check this was a recent product because it felt like something you'd see in the nineties."

"I looked online and I saw that The Range in particular has had some things removed before. There was a bikini body countdown calendar too. They seemed like quite outdated sexist things."


"I don't expect to go into a shop and see things like that, where you have to shove the bottle into her bum."

"I think the taglines are very outdated perceptions of what women are to people, especially men."

"My mum was buying something from The Range and we like them usually because they have homeware. We do a lot of crafts and they sell those sort of things."

"It makes me think twice if they think that's an appropriate thing to stock. It gives you an idea of their sensibilities."


While Faye supports humor, she argues that the bottle opener is clearly "sexist" and fears it could impact the perspective of young boys towards women.