Funny, Cute And Wordless Ways To Say I Love You

Funny, Cute And Wordless Ways To Say I Love You

There are many ways to say I love you, and some don't include words at all. Communication is vital for a healthy relationship, but so are our actions!

Each relationship is like a plant. You need to nurture it, allow it to grow. And you have to be creative, from ways to say "I love you" to make arrangements for romantic nights out. It's safe to say that relationships are a lot of work, but at the same time, the reward you get in return is priceless.

Cute Ways To Say I Love You

You may be in the early stages of your relationship, yet you're ready to say that you're head over heels with your partner. However, you don't want to say or blabber out, "I love you," so instead you're testing the waters with some cute, adorable ways to let them know you're into them.

Here are several amusing ways, and by their reaction, you will know whether they feel the same way.

One of the sweetest ways to say I love you is to say, "thank you for being born." Or anything similar, like: "remind me to thank your parents for creating you." Other ways include:

You are my partner in crime. What crime? I don't know, I am too busy thinking about you.

This, right here, this moment, it feels like home.

You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You tickle my heart.

I miss your face when you're at work.

If I had to choose between pizza and you, pizza would have to go!

You gave me a severe case of butterflies, so what am I supposed to do with you?

Ways To Say I Love You Without Using Words

Perhaps you aren't the type of person who likes to express your feelings. Your partner most likely knows that you aren't comfortable with actual words, but they deserve to know how you feel.

If you're not great at talking, you should do your part and be a better listener. Hear out your loved one when they are talking about their favorite bands, movies, books. Surprise them by getting the tickets or tracking the original edition of their all-time favorite books. If your partner wants you to do more chores, or take more responsibility regarding kids or pets, make sure to do your part.

Taking action is bold, brave, and it can cause your relationship to blossom. From booking a Spa weekend to learning to cook your love's favorite meal, nothing is too good for the person you're sharing your life with.

It's truly important to understand that non-verbal communication can make all the difference. From intimate moments to meaningful glances while you're at a party, relationships go beyond words, even beyond all that we're able to comprehend.

More Meaningful Ways To Express Your Feelings

Sometimes, merely saying I love you is enough. But, in certain situations, you want to encourage your partner and explain what it is that made you fall for them. You can use affirmations to make those three magic words appear more serious. And to let your partner know that you're truly there for them.

It's good to point out that you know your loved one, so much so that you're not overlooking their flaws. You love them because they are not perfect, they are simply perfect for you.

Additionally, when you feel like they are a bit down, you can support and remind them that you're not just someone they share a bed with. You're their person, a friend, companion, someone you want to be part of your future.

It can be something small like "I love how much you enjoy spoiling me." Then you can go deeper and praise their career or human interactions. Saying, "I love how much you care about your parents," or "I am so lucky that I'll grow old with you" are powerful statements. And of course, you want to express that you are grateful for meeting them. But you can be a bit playful with those statements.

You make me want to be a better parent/person/employee. I love you for being so good for me.

I love you because I have a strange feeling that you understand me, you get me. You're more than just a lover; you're my best friend.

I'm so in love with you that I am not even annoyed with your snoring!

I don't have everything, but I have you, so that's kind of the same!

It's crazy, but you taught me so much, by loving me.

I love you, because you're so real, and genuine.

Gifting Ways To Say I Love You

Instead of waiting for a particular date, spontaneous, unexpected gifts have more meaning. You know that you'll exchange gifts on Christmas or Valentine's day. And you certainly will do your best to find an ideal birthday present for your loving partner. But why wait?

The best gifts, the ones that truly express how much you love someone, are the ones you picked because you felt they would appreciate them. You heard your lover talking about needing a new umbrella. You simply go out and get one in their favorite color. It's not expensive, it's practical, and it shows that you're listening.

Of course, you can do something more romantic, like get them a piece of jewelry or any kind of accessories with your initials. It doesn't have to be shiny or huge. You could also give them sexy lingerie, or even make more space for their stuff in your closet.

Writing a poem, or at least trying, is one of the most intimate ways to express how you feel. And that's a gift that stays beyond anything you can buy or even made with your hands.

Love Language

You don't have to be the most romantic person in the world. In fact, maybe you find that whole romance thing to be a bit annoying. But, you validate what you feel, and that's what truly matters.

However, if your partner is into all that Hallmark sentiment, you need to compromise. You can still find ways to say I love you by listening, taking care of them, and making their heart feel safe.

Every healthy relationship is full of compromises, and you need to learn the love language. The language that goes beyond words and actions.

The most crucial thing in a relationship is honesty, respect, as well as finding ways to surprise each other while finding ways to overcome any obstacle. Don't just love the one you're with: show them you deserve to be in their life!