Fun Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

Fun Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

College is the time when you are mostly concentrating on your studies, achievements, and overall performance. There is hardly time to think about partying and relationships. While many students successfully use the option of paying someone to do your homework to free up time, it can still be hard to date someone when you're on a tight budget. Indeed, going to see a movie or having a meal at the nearest café requires some money that you often don't have.

But what if we tell you that there are many options to have a great date even with a limited budget? Check out the full article to see the options.

Top Dates For A Limited Budget

Students have to save all the time: to pay college loans, credit card debts, fuel for the car, rental costs, or student help when you need to order essay writing. But even having little money, you can still have a great time on a date. If you don't bring a girl to the most expensive restaurant, it doesn't mean that the date will fail (unless she is interested in you for money only). We offer some interesting options to have fun and inexpensive dates in college:

1. Picnic

If your date doesn't take place in winter, going on a picnic can be a wonderful idea. You can enjoy beautiful nature, have a talk and nibble on some snacks you bring with you. As an alternative, you can add some activity and go hiking. Nothing connects you better than overcoming a challenge together and supporting each other.

2. Coffee Shop

This is a simple but always a working option, especially for the first date. You grab a coffee and go for a walk while talking about your interests and getting to know each other.

3. Museum Night

Many museums organize free events as museum nights (if you have seen the movie, you will be even more excited). Check the days and enjoy a creepy walk around museum exhibitions at night. This can be really fun.

4. Bookstore

If you are both introverts or just too tired of stressful college life, you can attend a bookstore where they have those comfortable, cozy seats and enjoy reading books. Many of them have Starbucks inside so you can also grab a coffee.

5. Solve Puzzles

You can either put together a puzzle that will take quite a long time (but it still will be enjoyable) or take an online quiz and learn something new. You can also have a double date and share costs for a quiz room which is usually an exciting experience.

6. Go For A Walk

We bet that even if you have lived in one city all your life, there are still new places to explore. Many students move away when going to college, so you can definitely explore a new city being on a date.

7. Cook Together

If you don't have money for dinner in a restaurant, you can cook your own dinner at home. It is cheap, tasty and you can enjoy doing something together and have a great meal and make it romantic with candles. Why not?

8. Take A Drive

If you have a car, it's a perfect place to have your date. You can drive into the sunset or just cruise around the city. If you don't have a car, bicycles are a great way to substitute. Cycling together is not only fun but also healthy.

9. Night In

To save some money, have a night in, it can be a movie night or game night, or you can do any other stuff together depending on your imagination.

10. Sports

Table tennis, bowling, and mini-golf are nice and inexpensive ways to have some fun together. It can become a perfect option for your first date.