Full Moon 19th April 2019 - Rare Second Libra Full Moon In A Row Will Help You Cut Unnecessary Ties

This Friday, 19th April, the second Full Moon in Libra is taking place, and this can mean a spell of significant changes and new possibilities. This is a special Full Moon as the first one occurring in the same sign Libra was only a few weeks previously on the 20th March. It’s is uncommon to have two full moons under the same sign occurring one after the other. So if you’ve been feeling a little bit off, this is probably why.

“Double” Full moons are powerful; it’s a time that brings forth our deeply hidden subconscious thoughts and making us conscious and aware of them. As it’s a double full moon in Libra, relationships will be the main focus here. Be it your relationship with friends, romantically, or the relationship we hold with ourselves.

Be aware that it may not be a relationship outside of yourself; it can be an internal relationship, the one we hold with our inner selves.

Friday’s Full Moon is also happening opposite Uranus, which is the planet of transformation. This particular alignment will make us want to change so badly that we may end up being impulsive, restless, and no patience for our current situation. Because of this impulsive behavior, we can end up causing stress and tensions within our close relationships.

The full moon will hone in on any imbalances we may have in our relationships so that we can look at them clearly and do some work on them where needed. You may feel an urge to break free from your regular routines and doing something entirely out of the norm.

You may experience along the way that will change your original intentions, but don’t let this throw you off. Keep an open mind to everything that comes to pass and enjoy the experience and the thrill of these new things.

However, be mindful of your impulses, don’t let yourself run away with them. There is a chance you could take unnecessary risks and end up looking foolish.

Along with taking unnecessary risks, you will probably find yourself making mountains out of molehills. Minor upsets and dramas will get under your skin more than usual and rub you the wrong way. This can end up with you making a huge scene about it, so keep yourself in check.

This is not something you want right now during the Full Moon, so now is the time to make yourself aware, compose yourself, stay rational and try coming up with better ways to deal with things that might get thrown at you.

You may feel the need for more, and this can be a good thing. Keep in mind a sudden need for independence can have a domino effect on several parts of your life. You may also feel emotionally detached and prone to mood swings. These things can all affect your relationships with those around you as they may find it hard to understand what is going on with you. There will also be some internal conflict and self-doubt, but you can get through those with self-care and love, don’t neglect your own needs.

Having love and value for yourself is enough to make drastic changes in your life. Don’t let any relationships devalue you or lower your self worth as this will throw you off alignment with the Cosmos and your truth. So bring balance into your life. With the help of the Libra Full Moon’s energy, start acknowledging your strengths and love yourself for them. Become aware of any toxic relationships and start making changes to cut them out.

The Full Moon on the 19th also holds a connection with the New Moon we had on the 5th of April. You will see your goals coming to fruition. Make whatever changes and adjustments necessary to absorb this new energy.

The Full Moon is all about our relationships; it shows us the cracks in the ones we need to work on and shows us the toxicity we need to let go of.