From Worst To Best – Girlfriend Ranks Based On Their Zodiac Sign

From Worst To Best – Girlfriend Ranks Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Wondering if you have the perfect girlfriend? Many people do. So to help you along, here is what her star sign has to say about her personality and why she is the way she is.

12. Virgo

Being natural-born perfectionists, a Virgo girlfriend can drive you crazy by making a lot of demands, for example regarding how you dress and your behavior. They are also pretty hard on themselves since they desire a level of perfection that they cannot achieve; and for this reason, they will always need to be reassured of their abilities; which can get a little overwhelming. They will also want to track your every move, which does not usually sit well with most people.


11. Scorpio

Although this woman looks tough, deep down they are quite soft and vulnerable. But they are controlling and this is their greatest downside. They also don't settle; and their brutal honesty about some things means that they need someone who can take harsh truths without issues; which is rarely the case.

10. Aries

This woman is not the most patient. Whatever she wants, she wants it now. An Aries girlfriend will want to control and have the last word on all things, which means she is generally quite dominating, and can only get along with someone who is submissive.


9. Taurus

A man will feel pretty useless with a Taurus, as she likes to be independent. She will also not stand for any mind games, and she wants someone who makes an effort, but she will repay in kindness. Although she has a big heart, she follows cold logic when making decisions.

8. Cancer

This is the most emotional woman you can find, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. But she can forget her needs and become so dependent on you that she will often lose control of her emotions and leave her man dealing with one outburst after another.


7. Leo

A Leo girlfriend is confident and vibrant, and she wants a kindred spirit in her man. Her problem is getting into relationships with the wrong guy, especially confident players who want casual relationships. Their greatest weakness is their poor decision-making skills.

6. Aquarius

This girl is intelligent and independent, but also impulsive; and she longs for is a relationship where she feels loved and free. She wants a guy who is also intelligent. But she gets bored easily and therefore needs someone with lots of energy. Unfortunately, she tends to focus on minor details; and this can leave her guy and herself feeling inadequate. So, she needs someone who can help her gain her self-confidence when she gets too hard on herself.


5. Gemini

A Gemini woman can be reclusive and dark or bright and outgoing. But she makes a very accepting girlfriend as she longs for someone who accepts her for who she is as well. She is not judgmental, and what she likes the most is loyalty, but she never forgives anyone who betrays it.

4. Capricorn

In all she does, including relationships, a Capricorn woman will be very dominating. She expects and demands the best, and she is a strong believer in reciprocity. However, she is also very loyal and defensive towards those she cares about, even in their absence.


3. Libra

Libras avoid conflict, and that is not always a good thing, as it means they bottle things up inside until it's already too late. Charm and charisma are things they possess, and they are also very social. But they hate being controlled. However, they are loving, kind, supportive and sweet; and they can put the well-being of their partners above their own.

2. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius' greatest problem is that she will be too hard on herself; but with the right guy, she will be very supportive and cheerful; putting his needs above her own. She is also great at conflict resolution, and very passionate about those she loves, and to top it off she is not easily bored.


1. Pisces

Pisces women like those who can make the first move because they are naturally shy. Although they resist at first, they will take down their defenses and open up to reveal the true treasures they are to a guy. They are also best friends and lovers, and the perfect girlfriends as they can keep secrets.