From Colder Hands To Permanently Enlarged Breasts: The Curious Mysteries Of The Female Body

We like to say women are a mystery, and that'll probably never change. But for today, we'll see how ladies' bodies are full of fascinating and strange mysteries that have left many of us scratching our heads.

1. Women Have Colder Hands Than Men

from colder hands to permanently enlarged breasts: the curious mysteries of the female body

This is not an exactly flattering mystery, but it's been confirmed by scientists through research.

When the results of the study came in, a baffling discovery was made: a woman's hands tend to be - on average - about 37 degrees F colder than a man's.

Scientists are not sure why this is so, which is what makes this mysterious.

However, these experts theorize that since women have less muscle and a higher surface area to volume ratio, their heat loss might occur much faster than men's, hence their colder hands.

2. Women Are The Only Species With Permanently Enlarged Breasts

from colder hands to permanently enlarged breasts: the curious mysteries of the female body

Women's breasts get a lot of attention, which is why we should know all there is to know about them by now. But we don't.

In particular, one enduring mystery about a women's breasts has remained unsolved for centuries. The question is, why is it that women's breasts are permanently enlarged all the time?

No other animal has this attribute. Not even our closest ape cousins.

Obviously, scientists have tried to find answers to this intriguing puzzle for many years. But they haven't come up with an explanation that can put the mystery to rest.

However, that hasn't stopped them from putting out a few theories about this peculiar attribute about a woman's breasts.

Some experts believe breasts serve a role in attracting men. To some extent, that's a passable argument if confessions of some men explaining their love for big boobs are to be believed.

But we also know these guys can't be assumed to represent the views of the male population in its entirety.

This makes for a ridiculous and possibly very inaccurate assumption since most men from diverse cultures in the world have specifically claimed not to have any particular attraction towards large breasts.

Are big boobs for babies then?

If so, why don't they just get bigger when the woman is pregnant and about to have a baby as with other mammals?

The truth: nobody has figured out this "huge" mystery yet.

3. Morning Sickness Linked To Less Miscarriages

from colder hands to permanently enlarged breasts: the curious mysteries of the female body

One of the downsides of having another human being grow in your body is feeling sick and nauseated. Most women can't wait for it to be over.

However, morning sickness is actually something you should look forward to. And I know that sounds a little weird, so hear me out first.

A University of Colorado study claims that morning sickness is a good sign that the baby is doing great health-wise. And it's totally true because women who have morning sickness tend to have fewer miscarriages.

4. The Female Body Deals With Sicknesses Better

from colder hands to permanently enlarged breasts: the curious mysteries of the female body

Feeling a little under the weather? If you are a woman, then take comfort in knowing that you could be feeling much worse.

Ladies have more estrogen, which helps suppress inflammation and even lower the body's aging process.

Maybe to some extent, this explains why women have longer lifespans in general and are able to handle illnesses more easily.

5. Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

from colder hands to permanently enlarged breasts: the curious mysteries of the female body

Okay, I know this one applies to all humans past a certain age and not just women, but it's still worth looking into.

So, what purpose does pubic hair serve in the body?

Some say the hair serves a decorative purpose and makes the nether regions more attractive. But most people would disagree. After all, what does this assumption have to say about the raging popularity of Brazilian waxing, laser hair removal, and shaving?

Today, people don't care for these hairs. End of story.

And throughout history, there is no evidence that people have ever been particularly crazy about them.

That leaves us wondering, what was nature trying to achieve here? There are those who think the hairs serve as padding during intercourse, but not many people are buying into this theory.

All we can say for now is that wonders will never cease. And that nature is full of surprises and this is just one of the countless others we still can't explain.

Then of course, there's the biggest mystery of all: consciousness.

How did random atoms from various elements in the universe come together to create the self-aware fatty mass we call a brain? Seriously, how?