From Bob Dylan To The Stooges: Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Songs Of All Time

from bob dylan to the stooges: anthony bourdain’s favorite songs of all time

If you want to get to know someone's soul truly, check out their playlist. And with late Anthony Bourdain, it was no secret that punk rock was in his blood.

The famous chef and TV reporter wasn't merely a listener. Some great punk rock icons were his close friends, and he saw something not many could. Bourdain made a connection between his dishes and anti-establishment music, which followed him until the end.

Just like punk rockers, Anthony Bourdain had style, flare, and charisma. And he "blamed" his dedication to music for becoming a man we adored. But which songs were number one on Mr. Bourdain's playlist?

Bourdain's obsession with music

It came so naturally: one moment he's reviewing a restaurant, and the next he's commenting on the music. And during his interviews, he made sure to let his fans know what's on his playlist.

His friendships with New York punk rockers made history, so it's no wonder that among his all-time preferences were New York Dolls, The Ramones, as well as outsiders, like Iggy Popp, and glam rockers, mostly Brian Ferry's Roxy Music.

Bourdain loved everything that felt real, so the raw guitar sounds and disturbingly honest lyrics were his jam.

He talked about Do The Strand saying it was "two years of college and this was all I remember."

As for Curtis Mayfield, he said:

Ahhh…cocaine. I wanted it. And even though the Superfly soundtrack (unlike the film) is decidedly anti-drug and cautionary, it sure made coke sound desirable to me. The lush arrangements are timeless, whatever your position. This is still in heavy rotation on my iPod long after I gave up the powders.

He didn't hide his struggles with addiction or mental health. He was not playing a role: what you saw, it was raw, real, and that's the main reason why his death in 2018 was such a sad moment beyond his achievements and culinary skills.

Anthony Bourdain's favorite songs

Challenge the inner punk rock icon, who loved food, traveling, and being his truest self, with a list of his favorite songs.

You know most of them, and if you don't, that's one mistake you can fix right now!

'Anemone' – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

'Pusherman' – Curtis Mayfield

'What's Going On' – Marvin Gaye

'Do the Strand' – Roxy Music

'Once In A Lifetime' – Talking Heads

'Tangled Up In Blue' – Bob Dylan

'Chinese Rocks' – The Heartbreakers

'This Is Not A Love Song' – Public Image Ltd.

'Personality Crisis' – The New York Dolls

'96 Tears' – ? and The Mysterions

'Down on the Street' – The Stooges

'Sonic Reducer' – The Dead Boys

'Love In Spurts' – Richard Hell & The Voidoids

'Fight For Your Right' – Beastie Boys

'Pay to Cum' – Bad Brains

'White Lines' – Grandmaster Flash

'Riot Act' – Elvis Costello & The Attractions