Friendship Compatibility Zodiac Secrets: Shocking Truths About Your BFF

Friendship Compatibility Zodiac Secrets: Shocking Truths About Your Bff

Friendship compatibility depends on many factors, including your zodiac sign. Although friends and lovers are an important part of our lives, they are sometimes difficult to understand.

Speaking from experience, I have had more than a few friends in my life, with some of them coming into and out of my life at various stages. I have also had many regular friends, and no matter how long you have known them, most never rise to become best friends.

Why is that?

What makes someone a best friend despite knowing them for a few weeks, while others never make the cut despite being part of our lives for decades?

It's an interesting question that the stars might help us to answer. Apparently, the way you interact with people can depend, on some level, on your zodiac friendship compatibility ranking.

If you are as curious as I was to learn about this unique relationship between friendship and astrology, then you will be happy to see why some people become your best friends based on your zodiac sign.

Here are the friendship compatibility zodiac secrets you might never have known about.

1. Aries – Makes Friends Easily, Compatible With Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Libra, & Sagittarius

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Making friends has never been a problem for Aries. And naturally, people who make friends easily don't tend to be clingy.

For someone to become your best friend, they tend to be somewhat clingy, and they like following you around. People usually call Aries a best friend based on how easy-going they are, in addition to their spontaneous generosity when the mood strikes.

When you have an Aries best friend, you tend to look up to them and try to stay in their presence all through.

As an Aries, however, you have one shortcoming, though – you get offended easily.

Your ideal best friend match is a Gemini because you tend to have similar sentiments on many issues. This is a fun-filled friendship that usually involves lots of gossip and communication. Yeah, this friendship runs deep.

You also get along well with a Leo or a Sagittarius, your fellow fire signs. The fact that you are honest and full of love makes you a perfect friend for many. But what makes you a best friend is your love for adventure and merry-making. You love mischief, and that means you are never boring.

Still, you make a great and loyal friend.

2. Cancer – Faithful And Selfless Friend, Compatible With Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, & Taurus

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Whenever you need a friend who can give without expecting anything in return, try a Cancer. The loving and caring Cancers always find new ways to make you see the depths of their care and concern.

These guys also like to share secrets and deepest thoughts with their friends, so you feel so attached to them. That is probably why Cancer friendships last so long.

A Sagittarius makes a perfect best friend for Cancer because they can coax them out of their shell. Without a little help, Cancers have a little problem making friends. That's why they need friends who can take the initiative to expand their social circles.

Scorpios also make great friends with Cancers because they both have lots of feel-good vibes to share. Be warned, though - as caring and sweet as Cancers are, it's best not to cross them – they don't forgive easily.

Although Cancers are tough on the outside, they are soft on the inside to protect themselves by ignoring those who cannot prove themselves worthy friends.

But here's a little advice for Cancer: don't worry that your friends will turn against you when you are wrong. It's okay to speak your mind. Your loyalty, love, and protection are worth it.

3. Leo – Complex Friend, Compatible With Gemini, Libra, Aries, & Sagittarius

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Leos love attention from anyone who can give it to them. However, they like to keep a few friends very close. That makes the friendship needs of a Leo very complex.

You are the sort of friend who likes to bring people together, and you are very generous. The only price is your need for appreciation. Without it, you grow bitter.

As a friend, you are full of adventure and passion. You understand others creatively and artistically, and you value other people's opinions and courage. That is why your friendship bonds tend to last long.

The good thing about you is that although you might disagree with your friends often, it never gets to you or makes you resentful for long. You also stick up for your buddies, and you have a soft spot for underdogs, which is why your friendship circle consists of all sorts of characters, big or great.

The only downside is that you can hog all the attention at times. Leo-Leo friendships also tend to be lifelong but full of drama and ups and downs. It's also easy losing a Leo friend if you take them for granted.

4. Virgo – Super Loyal Friend, Compatible With Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, & Taurus

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Making friends is not your cup of tea. So, once you make one good friend, you like to hold on to them. That is why you go for 'safe friends,' the sort who are not as demanding and are likely to stick by your side through all situations.

You pay back for this comfort by being a reliable and loyal friend who will stick by your friends even in their deepest crises.

Your friendships are usually intense, and you make very fulfilling friendships that go the distance. But you don't like nonsense, and you more often than not like to take charge rather than do the following. With your intellect, you prefer to analyze people and situations, and your focus is usually on creating a functional relationship.

That makes you something of a perfectionist, and your choice of friends is based on idealism and practicality rather than passion and good vibes.

Your ideal friendship requires loyalty and truthfulness.

5. Libra – Lots Of Friends, But Can Get A Bit Needy, Compatible With Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini & Aquarius

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Making friends is a cakewalk for you because you have no problem finding common points of interest. You love good cheer in the presence of big groups, and people love that you give them straight advice on important matters.

Nobody is as good at weighing pros and cons like you are, which is also why people value your recommendations and love your taste.

Unfortunately, you are easily lonely, and that can make you a bit needy.

The Aquarius is such a great match for you, and you easily connect over your love for music and art. With this BFF, you can critique, analyze, and evaluate every aspect of your life and have a lot of time doing it.

Gemini, your fellow air sign, is also a great friend for you. You can take some being bossed around because your indecisiveness makes it easier for you to follow other people's leads. People who can keep you entertained with their boundless energy keep you hooked.

Fortunately, you can almost always be counted on to find the best way out with your incredible balancing and evaluation skills during a crisis. However, you usually find it easier to make new friends instead of keeping the ones you already have.

6. Scorpio – A Smart Friend, Compatible With Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus & Capricorn

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Some people boast about having many friends, and you are not one of them. As long as you have a few good and close friends, you are okay.

You hallmark trait is your wisdom.

People often consider you their smartest friend because you always seem to have an answer to the toughest problems. Your guidance is usually reliable and spot-on and is often the leader among your friends.

The problem is with your choice of friends. You often let in people who have crossed you before, and that can expose you to the failures they exposed you to in the past.

That is why you should have an intuitive best friend to keep you from making mistakes in your friendship choices.

But as far as nurturing healthy relationships goes, you are incredible. You have plenty of respect for people's emotions and boundaries, and that's a valuable trait in a good friend. Lots of people are proud to call you best friend.

Scorpios are often independent, and they don't usually need anything from anyone other than loyalty. That also explains why making friends is not usually such a huge priority for you.

7. Sagittarius – The Charming, Easy-Going Friend, Compatible With Libra, Aquarius, Aries, & Leo

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Even for people who have a problem making friends, you are easy to befriend. With your winning charm, consideration, and willingness to get along, people find your company pleasant and irresistible.

In social situations, you ooze confidence, and you are usually a safe bet when friends need someone by their side in sensitive situations.

Your only problem is that you tend not to be a very committed friend, and you can easily find people to be boring.

However, you have a mysterious, serious side. You care about big causes like politics and climate change, and you often like to debate these topics.

It's also easy for you to go a little overboard with your jokes, but you always find a way to charm everyone in the end.

Yes, you are the most entertaining sign of the zodiac.

8. Capricorn – Stable Friend, Compatible With Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Taurus & Virgo

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

You like the concept of friendship, and you know what a best friend match for you should be. The traits you admire in friendships include loyalty and stability.

Capricorn friends tend to be very devoted and usually take on boring roles like advising your friends because you think it's important to help friends grow.

However, you don't give all this loyalty and devotion for free. If someone crosses you, doing away with them is a very small step for you. You can also get a bit secretive.

Your ideal BFF is someone who has an adventurous side, such as a Gemini, because you are such a practical person. You need someone who matches your love for hard work while adding some bit of excitement to your extremely practical life.

With the right person for a friend, you can be unstoppable. Good friends for a Capricorn are usually drama-free.

9. Aquarius – Detached Friend, Compatible With Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini & Libra

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

You have more friends than you know what to do with it. But while making friends is something of a hobby for you, commitment to them is a whole different story.

Being tied to someone makes you feel trapped, which is why needy friends are intolerable to you. That said, you are a sucker for intellectual friends, especially when they give you a sense of freedom. What you hate is the feeling that you have no freedom.

Your friendships, if they go deep enough, are usually unforgettable and incredible. But as far as zodiac sign compatibility goes, your fellow air signs, Libra and Gemini, seem to get you. The truth is that you are a unique friend.

10. Pisces – A Great Friend In Times Of Trouble, Compatible With Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, & Scorpio

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Pisces often makes a very good friend because they will never leave you in a time of hardship. No wonder people who need help flock to them.

Who are Pisces best friends with?

Ideally, they should be with people who are caring and loving because they forget to care for themselves. You need lots of physical affection and compassion, which is only fair because you have plenty of it to offer your friends as well.

You are a great listener, a thoughtful speaker, and a very helpful person. That is one of the best kinds of friends to have.

A friendship with Cancer is often quite perfect for you because you have lots of adventures together. With Cancer, you can also share lots of passion for food and drinks.

11. Taurus – A Real Friend, Compatible With Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Your friendship journey started quite early, and it's possible you had friends when you were only five. Heck, some of them are now practically family.

You are a terrific friend because you know what it takes to be a good friend. The only downside is that you often get a little possessive and can even get jealous of the idea of losing your friend. That can make you a bit tedious as a friend since you can read too much into things that have not even happened.

friendship compatibility zodiac secrets: shocking truths about your bff

Even in school, you were a popular friend. That means you had more than your fair share of friends.

You likely have friends of all kinds, and often, you have trouble deciding what friends to invite to your parties because you have too many of them.

Even though you have many friends, you are usually a good listener, and your natural sense of humor makes it easy for you to connect with people very strongly on an intellectual level.

But finding your perfect friend based on a common sense of humor can give you a BFF for life.

Friendship compatibility is more important than most people think. Otherwise, you might get stuck with a friend who makes your life hell for several years. Based on your zodiac sign, above are the zodiac sign compatibility secrets you need to know.