Friendship Breakup: Overcome The Loss Of Your Best Friend

Friendship Breakup: Overcome The Loss Of Your Best Friend

A friendship breakup is one of the hardest things. You lose someone you have relied on. Who is the first person you go to when you need advice, someone to talk to, or have a laugh with? Your best friend, right?

Friendships are everlasting bonds of mutual affection between two or more people. However, much like any relationship, the relationship between the two best pals can hit a few bumps on the way. In some cases, no matter how intense the bond between you and your best friend is, times change, people change, and friendships evolve too.

If you ever feel you and your friend are falling out of the bond you two once had, do not be alarmed. Sometimes, it is just best to let go, especially if the situation is hurting you. You will overcome it! Getting into a fight with your best friend is not out of the ordinary, but what can be shocking, hurtful, and heartbreaking is when you break up with your best friend!

For someone who has just lost a perfect friend, read through as we discuss why friendship breakups may occur, how they could potentially affect you, and ways to move past them!

Why A Friendship Breakup Might Occur

Sometimes the most significant fights are not always the reason for a friendship breakup; it can be due to a minor disconnect. Other times, it could just be because the personality types between you and your friend have evolved or because there is an external source that has caused a distance between you and your best friend. Let's explore the various reasons why a breakup between two friends happens:

1. Inconsiderate Behavior

Over time people change. A person who you thought was your best friend might start changing the way they feel about you or how they act with you. In many instances, one friend might start taking the other for granted. Inconsiderate behavior can raise conflict between two friends. Then it is downhill from there. Rather than exposing yourself and your friend to such negative energy, it is always best to take a break and give the friendship some time to breathe.

2. Feeling Disconnected

Some people are lucky to still have friends despite the distance. However, have you ever noticed that maintaining friendships in high school is much easier compared to university and later in life? This is because, at this stage in life, you are far too busy in your world that you do not have time to maintain friendships to the extent that you did before. And so, over time, you just stop staying in touch leading to a friendship breakup.

3. New People

Making new friends is not always a bad thing; however, in several cases, new friends are the reason why old friendships fall apart. Think of it this way, you and your best friend are doing just fine, and then suddenly, a new exchange student named Betty is added into the equation. Now your best friend and Betty are hanging out, watching movies, and whatnot, and they "forgot" to include you! Well then, maybe it is time to take a break from your current friendship and start making new friends of your own.

4. Not Being Accepted For Who You Are

The number one reason for having a best friend is so that you can be around them. However, if your best friend cannot accept you for who you are, then maybe it is time to move on. If you cannot be "you" with them, then are they your best friend?

There are many reasons why friendship breakups may occur, such as disrespectful behavior, change in attitudes, change in values, a difference of opinions, and much more.

How A Friendship Breakup Can Affect You

When you lose someone you love, it is always a hard experience. You feel as if you are on an emotional rollercoaster with zero control over anything. Much like that, a friendship breakup, too, has the same effects. A breakup with your all-time best friend is not going to be easy; there will be crying, ice cream, and a need for a whole bunch of tissues.

It will not only destroy you mentally, but it might even leave an empty void in your heart. Emotions will be running free through you, anger, sadness, resent, grief, and many more. It might even leave you surrounded by masses of negative energy and negative behavior. However, it will get better if you work on getting over it!

Ways To Move Past A Friendship Breakup

The easiest way to get over a friendship breakup is by working on it on your own, processing things according to your own pace. Here are a few things you can work on by yourself to get over a friendship breakup. After trying these tips, you will be a whole new, more positive version of yourself!

1. Acknowledge Your Pain

The first step to getting over a relationship such as this is acceptance. Only then can you work on ways to fix the way you feel.

2. Practice Self- Care

Rather than relying on others to take care of you, be self-sufficient. Think of what makes you happy and practice it to get over your friendship breakup.

3. Exercise

Release the pent-up pain, anger, and remorse in you with the help of actual exercising. Rather than letting go of your emotions through means which might hurt you, get rid of the aggression through exercise, which is a healthier means.

4. Learn From Others In Your Situation

Take time out and read about people who have been through it as well. Learn about the ways that they gave themselves comfort and how they handled the situation.

5. Keep A Check On Your Emotional Health

Mental stability is the number one factor that you must look at during all of this. If you are mentally healthy, nothing can break you down; you will process things faster and be able to move past the friendship more quickly.

What Can You Learn From A Breakup?

Friendships are something we all cherish; however, all good things come to an end. That does not mean you might not stay in touch or that the friendship is over entirely. The best option after a friendship breakup is to move past it and live a more positive life!