Friends With Benefits Is Fine By Me — As Long As You Follow These Ground Rules


Successfully maintaining a friendship with benefits can be challenging, and it's no surprise that very few people can do it without causing harm to at least one person involved. The primary reason for these relationships' failure is the absence of mutual respect from one or both sides. If you can't comprehend this fundamental aspect, the casual sexual relationship with a friend won't work out. Although I appreciate such a relationship, these points are critical to its success:


1. Sex Is A Big Deal To Me

Engaging in a casual sexual relationship goes beyond mere enjoyment; it requires trust. By having sex with you, I'm placing my trust in you, whether we're romantically involved or not. Please don't do anything that could jeopardize that trust.

2. I'm Not Here To Serve You

Keep in mind that I am not doing you any favors, so don't act as though you're entitled to something. Even though we are sleeping together, I am not obligated to be available whenever you want. Therefore, if I decline to hook up one night, please accept my decision gracefully.


3. It Needs To Be Fun For Me Too

My intention is to have a relationship without any commitments at this moment. However, I don't want it to be just about your satisfaction. It should be equally pleasurable for both of us. If not, I prefer being alone, watching movies, and eating ice cream.

4. Don't Mess With My Head

If we decide to be friends with benefits, then I don't expect any special treatment or to be treated like a girlfriend. For instance, bringing coffee to my workplace without any reason is not sweet but rather confusing, and it raises questions about your intentions.


5. Don't Try To Get Out Of Using Protection

It's fine if you have other sexual partners, but it's not okay to engage in unprotected sex. Even if you claim to be clean or say that I am the only person you're currently sleeping with, I value my health too much to take any chances. Therefore, either use a condom or leave.

6. I Deserve More Than A Booty Call

Let me begin by reminding you that I'm your friend, and as friends, we should treat each other with respect. Planning our meetups in advance is a sign that you value my time and our friendship. Imagine if your friend always contacted you at the last minute before a party. Although we're not romantically involved, I expect to be treated better than an afterthought.


7. I Expect To Still Be Treated As Your Friend

I want to make it clear that I might not always be interested in having sex, but that doesn't mean I want our friendship to end. We should hang out as friends and enjoy each other's company without any expectations of sex. While I enjoy hooking up, I don't want it to be the only thing we do together.

8. Don't Treat Me Like An Object

I want to assure you that I'm okay with our arrangement, or else I wouldn't have agreed to it. However, being friends with benefits doesn't mean you can treat me like a sex object. It's important to consider what I like and communicate with me before unleashing your sexual desires on me. Don't assume that you have free reign over my body.


9. Keep It Between Us

Please respect my privacy if we decide to move forward with this. It's unnecessary for our friends to know the intimate details of our relationship, including our sexual preferences. I value my privacy, and I don't want our sex life to become public knowledge among our mutual friends, even though I'm open-minded about it.

10. Be Honest With Me

Don't worry about hurting my feelings if you're seeing someone else. I understand that we have a casual relationship, and I'm not interested in getting in the way of your potential romantic interests. However, I do expect honesty and communication from you. If you decide to end things between us, please don't just disappear without any explanation. We're still friends, and I want to be treated as such.