Friends' Edition Of Cards Against Humanity Is Here

Friends’ Edition Of Cards Against Humanity Is Here

Some people like their jokes a little coarse, and that is a need Cards Against Humanity can fulfill.

With these cards, pop culture references are mixed with hilarious, menacing situations to bring about scary and humorous responses.

In this game, the players choose their favorite player. But the winner gets nothing. The only thing the winner proves is that their imaginations are spookier than every other player in the game.

Until now, players have been coming up with their own expansion packs.

But Cards Against Humanity has an extensive reach, and these cards can be based on a broad range of topics. Therefore, customizing them is pretty easy.

Today, there is an expansion pack version based on the 90s sitcom, 'Friends'.

The pack was an instant hit on the web, and players cannot wait to see what twisted chaos they can bring to life with these cards.

Cards Against Humanity were launched in 2011, and they took us all by surprise.

They changed party games for good, and today, they have gotten quite thrilling.

The goal of these cards was to make participants come up with terrifying answers to a variety of pop culture questions, and the outcomes were hilarious.

These cards did not hold anything back.

Nothing is off-limits with this game. All offensive and taboo subjects are fair game.

Many of the cards touch on satire, with references to politics, film, music, and celebrities. But one thing stands out about this card game - it is pretty hilarious.

The game touches on some pretty tough subjects, and if you are easily offended, you might want to steer clear of this game.

You should choose your playmates carefully as everything can go awry pretty fast. The last thing you want is the tension of revealing terrible relationship secrets in a group of people that involves your significant other.

But if you find the right players for the game, then you are in for a ride. You can let your imagination go wherever it pleases, and you can be as offensive and shocking as you need to be.

Be ready for a few heartbreaks though – the answers you think have killed it might get no votes from other players.

The other problem is that the cards are numbered, and your options can quickly run out.

But ingenious fans have come up with a workaround by starting to make their own expansion packs.

These can be generic in nature, but unique themes have also been explored in this endeavor.

There are cards based on 'The Office,' and others are based on 'Harry Potter.' This last version is pretty brutal, but it is equally genius.

Making terrible and insensitive jokes based on a fictional world can be lots of fun.

That must be the reason the 'Friends' version of Cards Against Humanity is getting people so excited. Apparently, people know plenty of people who could play this game, which is why it is selling so fast.

The card set is pretty extensive, too, as it features 99 gray cards and 180 white cards. They're made by Daisy Store Gifts, which has also made 'Harry Potter' and 'Game of Thrones' cards.

'Friends' and games work out so well together. So, the game has to be a thrill.

For instance, you can learn some fun facts about the show's characters,

Above all else, the game offers a fresh new way to enjoy this exciting game, which is more than welcome.

You can get hours of fun off this game, which makes the cards worth it. However, there is a PDF version for those on a budget and want to print the cards themselves. But most people don't seem to mind the price.

We couldn't be more excited about the 'Friends' Cards Against Humanity game ourselves.

You know this game is gonna be fun.