Friends Cruelly Blast Mum For Going Out With A Full Face Of Make-Up Four Days After Giving Birth

A new mother hits back at critics who 'blasted' her for going out with a face full of make-up days after giving birth.

Sophie Attwood welcomed her first baby Isla Josephine Lewis on January 19, earlier this year.

Four days after giving birth, Sophie shared a photo of herself looking glamorous at a restaurant with her fiancΓ©, Daniel Lewis.

She received negative comments and nasty messages from people, including her friends. She was questioned about her priorities and asked why she was out so quickly.

Proud of herself, Sophie posted:

"Haven't slept in four days and I'm in agony behind the smile but I'm officially OUT of the house."

She added:

"I was going stir crazy! It's so frustrating with a c section as your brain is totally fine and you want to get out and explore with your wonderful new person - but alas, your body hurts so much."

Sophie claimed that going out helped her avoid "cabin fever" and overcome the "newborn bubble."

But people questioned her behavior and asked her why she wore make-up and high heeled boots soon after giving birth.

She explained:

"I received direct messages like, 'Why the hell are you out of the house so soon? Take time, you need to spend this time with your baby."

"Four days and you have a full face of make-up?! Lol where do your priorities lie?' and 'you have the rest of your life to go out and you're spending these first few precious days in a restaurant! Ridiculous!"

"My friends began comparing themselves to me and saying that they felt pressured to do what I was doing, but I told them it just gave me a sense of normality and made me feel human again!"

Sophie added that everyone should do what they feel is good for them. Insisting that there's no "right or wrong" way of doing things.

The proud new mom shared her first photo of her daughter, Isla, with her 10,900 Instagram followers two days after the baby arrived in the world.

She claimed that beauty is her "war paint." Sophie added that she even spent 15 minutes on her make-up while having contractions.

The new mom also said that she endured 8 hours of labor and after a cesarean and left the hospital the same way she entered with the make-up.

She also admitted that other parents gave her "dodgy" looks for wearing make-up while giving birth.

Sophie isn't alone. Other new moms are hiring make-up artists as well as applying fake eyelashes during labor, according to Asda Little Angels study.