Friend Or Frenemy? 8 Ways To Tell If She's Shady

It's difficult to find genuine friends, and it's always better to have a few true ones than many superficial ones. You may have numerous acquaintances who are always up for a good time, but have you noticed how quickly their numbers decline when faced with the difficulties of life? Differentiating between loyal and untrustworthy friends can be challenging, but identifying true friends becomes more accessible when you know what to look for.

1. She's Happy For You, Not Jealous Of You

She can appreciate your accomplishments without attempting to steal the spotlight. Beyond achievements, she admires you for being yourself every day and recognizes your positive traits even when you cannot.

2. Win Or Lose, She's There For You

On occasion, she may be by your side on the sofa, holding a tissue box in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, consoling you through your troubles. Alternatively, if she's far away, she might send a brief text stating that she's thinking of you. Regardless, you recognize that she's in your corner and that she'll be there to back you up no matter what.

3. You're Always In Sync, No Matter What

Life can be unpredictable, and a lot can alter in a brief period, particularly at this stage of our lives. When you reunite with her, she has the ability to attentively parse your words and hear your tales, recognizing that despite all the changes, you remain the same at your core.

4. She's Got Her Own Identity

She doesn't attempt to emulate you, and you don't try to emulate her. Naturally, as best friends, you share many similarities, but you also have differences that neither of you finds daunting.

5. She Doesn't Belittle You Or Put You Down

Anyone who attempts to make you appear or feel inferior, whether in private or in the company of others, is not someone you want to associate with.

6. She "gets" Your Point Of View… Even If She Doesn't Agree With It

It would be tedious if the two of you concurred on everything, but she is capable of comprehending your perspective and acknowledging your opinions.

7. She's All Ears… And Actually Listens

She understands what motivates you, upsets you, and angers you because she doesn't simply hear your words; she actively listens to what you're expressing. Additionally, she doesn't manipulate your words to benefit herself or harm you.

8. She brings her problems with you, to you

She recognizes that her friendship with you is a valuable and respected bond. Even when you have a disagreement, which is bound to occur, she doesn't expose your personal issues for others to witness. Instead, she is straightforward, as she should be.