Frequent Selfie-Posting Linked To Grandiose Narcissism

Frequent Selfie-posting Linked To Grandiose Narcissism

In today's world of modern technology, many of us use a variety of devices and tech services daily. This is something we do for both work and personal reasons.

For many, life without their smartphones, these days is impossible. People use these devices for everything from texts and calls to social networking, sharing videos, and posting selfies.

When it comes to the latter, some people post far more selfies than others. This frequent selfie-posting is linked to grandiose narcissism, according to recent studies.

According to research, those who post selfies regularly are narcissistic in certain ways. However, they are not fully narcissistic and only show certain traits.

The findings that form part of the research into regular selfie-posting link this type of action with grandiose narcissism.

Of course, many of us post selfies from time to time via our phones. We then share them on social media and other platforms.

However, some people post one selfie after another day after day. Many see this as excessive posting.

Grandiose narcissism means the person has a sense of self-importance and an inflated ego. Some believe that this is why some people post multiple selfies, as they essentially think a lot of themselves.

However, there are certain aspects of narcissism that are nothing to do with regular selfie-posting. This includes personality traits such as wanting to control others and expecting a lot from other people.

Having said this, past research has also linked regular selfie-posting with other personality traits. This includes feelings of insecurity and a craving for acceptance from others.

Different Types Of Selfies

Different types of selfies link to different personality traits. These can give a very good insight into the personality and emotions of the poster.

Some people post selfies that are posed, staged, and purposeful. However, others post selfies and then claim they did it by accident, indicating they feel embarrassed about posting but cannot help themselves.

There are also those who take selfies claiming things such as they just got out of bed. However, the photo clearly shows that the photo is staged.

Looking For Attention

Many people think those who constantly post selfies are looking for attention. This is something that is linked to grandiose narcissism.

These are people who may have the egos that make them feel they deserve attention.

With frequent selfie-posting linked to grandiose narcissism, those who post selfies regularly may want to think twice!