Fred Sirieix Talks About Gino And Gordon's Disagreements After Gino Leaves Show

Fred Sirieix has discussed the strained relationship between Gino D'Acampo and Gordon Ramsay following Gino's departure from their popular show, "Gordon, Gino, and Fred's Road Trip."

Gino and Gordon are prominent personalities, and despite occasional disagreements captured on camera, they have appeared to have a cordial relationship.

However, it seems that the two would frequently clash "both on and off camera" during filming.

At the beginning of the week, Gino announced that he would be departing from the program due to conflicts in his schedule and contractual issues.

While the celebrity emphasized his continued friendship with co-stars Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix, he stated that he felt compelled to resign.

In a video, Gino informed his followers, "Last week I decided not to film any more Gordon, Gino, and Fred Road Trips. The reason is very simple - nothing to do with Gordon or Fred, the friendship is very strong."

"It's just because we can't get the dates together and sometimes when we do get the dates together sometimes they get changed and it causes a lot of problems for me because I have other stuff that I have to do."

"Personal problems as well because when I have to change things with my family it is very complicated and also because of contracts."

Although Gino has affirmed that he remains close friends with Gordon, Fred has alleged that Gino and Gordon are constantly in disagreement with each other.

"Well the problem is Gordon is always right and Gino is never wrong, and that includes everything..." he revealed.

"So, when they get at loggerheads, I'm just right in the middle."

"I'm definitely the peacemaker, both on camera and off camera, and in the group chat it's just insane."

Although Fred appeared to be caught in the middle of the conflicts, the First Dates personality asserted that the three individuals had a great time filming the show.

"Look, we have a lot of fun, that's for sure. And that's why it's great to do it," he explained.

"And I think that's what shows on camera, because we have genuine fun.

"Even if Gordon is just going crazy because we're having too much fun, that in itself is funny, because you're like, 'why are you such a killjoy? Just enjoy life for God's sake'."