Fox Steals And Runs Away With Woman's Cell Phone While It Is Recording

Dixie, a 3-year-old fox rescued and now living at SaveAFox, has certainly earned her reputation as being sly. Mikayla Raines, the founder of the rescue, was recently videoing herself doing yoga when Dixie decided it would be the perfect time to steal Merri's phone and play a game of hide and seek.

After that, the mischievous fox even tried to bury the phone! Foxes may be known for their cunning nature, but Dixie's antics prove that they also love to have fun!

Dixie Was Asked To Leave The Phone Alone But She Didn't Listen

The fox decided to run away, forcing Mikayla to give chase in a funny pursuit. Dixie is lightning fast, and unfortunately, Mikayla was unable to catch her. The fox then attempted to bury the phone she had stolen. Thankfully, Mikayla was able to retrieve her phone before it disappeared.

Dixie Is A Beloved Resident At Saveafox, Albeit A Very Mischievous One

"Dixie is a pet surrender and came to us because her original human passed away unexpectedly and the remaining family couldn't care for her. Dixie is a permanent resident at Saveafox," the rescue coordinator at Saveafox Merri shared.

Although Dixie looks adorable, don't be fooled; she is also quite mischievous!

"Dixie is affectionate, sassy, particular, and sweet. She is very mischievous and never lets an opportunity pass her by to take something or to sit on someone's head – she is the undisputed queen of Saveafox. She steals things often – hats, gloves, full garbage bags, food – this was her first phone!"

This Is The Kind Of Story We Need More Of

Life is full of stress and sadness right now. Everywhere we turn, we're inundated with negative news, which can be incredibly overwhelming. Thankfully, cute animals like Dixie can bring a smile to our faces and help give us a much-needed break from all the bad news. Thanks, Dixie, for the distraction and the laughs!

Saveafox Can Always Use Help From Generous People To Keep The Operation Up And Running

SaveAFox is doing incredible work rescuing foxes that may have ended up in a difficult place. If you are interested in lending them a helping hand, you can support them by joining their Patreon, donating via their website, or purchasing something from their Amazon wish list.