Four Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

Four Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

Many women think that men are walking enigmas and that it's practically impossible to pin down what they want in a woman. While it's true that men and women will never completely understand each other, you can get close to knowing everything about a man with the right information.

For instance, how can you, as a woman, keep a man interested in you and the relationship? Obviously, at the end of the day, every man is different and wants different things from the women they want in their lives. For instance, some like brunettes, while others swear by blonds. For other men, slim women are irresistible, but for others, there is no woman like a curvy woman.

But in spite of all that, there are some basic things a man will truly appreciate about a woman. So, here are four things every man will always want in a woman.

1. A Respectful Woman

A woman who can respect her partner is a woman who respects herself. Men love respect, and they respond very well to it. So, if you are a woman who takes a man seriously and pays attention to what they say, then that man will consider you a very special woman and will do a lot to hold on to you.

2. A Woman Who Tries To Make Him His Best Self

Men, and anyone for that matter, like being around people that make them feel and be better. If you can be this kind of woman, then your man will really hold on to you. Being a woman who always attacks his self-confidence, self-esteem and makes him feel down will make him resentful of you and less likely to be there for you even if he decides the relationship is worth holding on to.

3. An Appreciative Woman

For a man to be drawn to you and remain committed to you, you have to understand him better than any other woman out there. If you can appreciate a man and the effort he makes, he will not want to let go of you. And this is not about complimenting him on his looks, his possessions, and other material things, but on things like his conduct, his love, his hard work, and other things he does to make you know that you and your relationship are important and special. Men like appreciation as much as women do, and it's only a few women who realize this secret and use it to make the men in their lives loyal.

4. A Woman Who Is Not Controlling

Men have no problem doing what is required of them for the women they love. But they also like doing things their own way. That means you should give him some space to do what he needs to do in his own way. Trying to micromanage and control everything he does will only build resentment and that can make the relationship toxic. Being overbearing can be suffocating for anyone, and while you can tell him what you expect or want from him is perfectly alright, doing follow-ups at every step of the way will not do you any good. So, don't be controlling and your man will truly appreciate it.